Deals and Steals: Green Clean!

Tory Johnson is here with exclusive discounts on eco-friendly products like sustainable towels, non-abrasive grip tapes made from all recyclable materials and more.
4:22 | 04/10/21

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Green Clean!
Time now for "Deals & steals" this morning. We're getting your home green clean. Tory Johnson is here with eco-friendly products at wallet-friendly prices. And you can get all of these deals by pointing your cellphone camera at the qr code at the bottom of your screen right now. Tory, good morning to you. What is first up in your lineup? First up, Dan, we're starting with a company called cattongue grips. These are nonabrasive grip tapes, all recyclable. That's what gives it the eco nod that prevents slipping, sliding and shifting of ordinary objects. So you place a piece on a phone, tablet, laptop, game controller, but I also want to mention that there's a huge community that really loves this product. People with arthritis or tremors or anything that makes holding everyday objects difficult to grip them properly, simple things like utensils, pill bottles, sporting gear, crafting products, just you name it, by using some of this, they gain back Independence to be able to do some of those everyday things so it's more than just a piece of tape. It's a very versatile product for kids and adults and an incredible price because all of our assortments range from $5 to $10. Meaningful service for a lot of people. Next up, we have towels that wipe up messes while protecting the environment. So this company is called anact. It is sustainably made hand towels, bath towels and washcloths that are made specifically from hemp and organic cotton. All of them are quick drying, they're super absorbent. Made better for the Earth. There's a variety of sizes, two colors to choose from, singles and sets $5 to $30. We've also got, next in line here, a woman-owned company that has amazing hygiene products. Yes, good one. This is Cleo + coco. You can feel clean and confident, it's a deodorant that provides 100% odor control without parrabins or synthetics. All day protection and have a really great dry shampoo and body powder. It's aluminum free, talc-free, it's gentle for sensitive skin, and it will also absorbs a little excess oil in the hair, grapefruit, lavender, basil mint, all refreshing scents, today their prices are $8 to $27 for their singles or sets. Next up, bags that make shopping at the grocery store a little bit easier. Tell us about that. Yes, purify you. You can swap single-use plastic with these durable multipurpose eco-friendly bags, we have their organic cotton or mesh options. These are great for produce bags. We also have options with handles to cart around groceries or other everyday stuff. All of it is machine washable, really good price on these. The sets start at $7.50. And the next one is a high-tech way to keep your home tidy. Tell us more about that one. This is kind of cool, Dan. This company is called force of nature. It's a device that uses electricity to convert tap water along with a little recyclable capsule of the precise amount of salt, water and vinegar to create a multipurpose powerful cleaner, deodorizer, sanitizer so it will replace chemical based cleaners for home. Tough on grease, grime, odor, you name it, and you can make 25 full-size bottles with this set. The bundle is $38 and then we'll end on e-cloths. These are premium textiles to clean granite counters, scrub sinks, Polish glass, dust floor, no chemicals needed. You just use water. A little swipe, they do the trick, these are durable and effective, I use them and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. We've got a huge assortment that you'll find online. These start today at $2. And we could use those to clean up after Walter, Eva's dog, who's been making some nice gifts around the studio this morning. So thank you for that, Tory. Really appreciate that and we have partnered with all of these companies on these deals. You can get them on our website, Guys, over to you.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Tory Johnson is here with exclusive discounts on eco-friendly products like sustainable towels, non-abrasive grip tapes made from all recyclable materials and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76993619","title":"Deals and Steals: Green Clean! ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-green-clean-76993619"}