'GMA' Deals and Steals on the best gifts for Mother's Day

Tory Johnson brings discounts of 50% off and more for "GMA" viewers.
4:39 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals on the best gifts for Mother's Day
edition, great gifts for the mom you love so much. Get them here right now in time for the big day, all 50% off or more starting with sheets. Oprah called cozy Earth sheet, the softest ever. I splurged and bought them and she was not kidding. This is the single best investment I have ever made for the greatest night's sleep. It is bamboo so softer than cotton. It is temperature regulating so if you have night sweats, say good-bye to that. If you have a different temperature preference, don't worry, you're both going to be super happy because it's just the most delectable thing. You never get immune to it. Every night I'm cozy and it's heavenly. Before they came to us, robin was on. If you warrant them, they will sell out. We got sheet sets, duvet, comforters, the whole nine yards. This is an investment. Before I tell you the price. Normally 69 up to $659. Today everything is slashed in half and it's free shipping. Free shipping. Okay. Tory, thank you. I mean from great sleep to good wine. I'm in heaven. You're in heaven. This is Ullo, an incredibly chic aerator and -- I've never done this before. How do you do it? It's very satisfying watching it so that now is being purified so it takes out the sulfites which gives you the headache the next day and bitter taste so you're able to enjoy your wine as it is meant to be enjoyed. Wow. Aerator so you will get a combination of the very chic device like this, plus a box of the filters. This is like -- this is a chic gift that mom or whomever will use every single day. You pop it on to any glass you have so normally $87 slashed by 53%, $40. A great gift. I love that. It's a good one. We have more fantastic deals, amazing deals for mom coming up with our "Gma" kids and also coming up that James bond movie exclusive we've been teasing you with all morning long. We have information on the new movie only here on "Good morning America." Wine, sheets, James bond, kids. What could be better? Okay, Joe Biden, you just announced you're running for president. Where is the first place you'll be heard? On "The view" tomorrow. Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Then Tuesday, Joe and Jill Biden together exclusive with robin Roberts right before their first public campaign stop. What will they reveal on "Gma"? Good morning. It's 8:27 this Thursday, April we're following break news in New Jersey where a fire is burning through a townhouse complex in Franklin. News copter 7 was over the scene as crews battled the flames. It broke autojust after 7:00 A.M. This morning and no injuries reported and no word on what caused the fire. At 8:27, we check out commute with Heather . Ken, we have delays on the westbound local lanes and there's an accident and traffic is really heavy. Local lanes slower than the express lanes but delays on both. 287 heading north near exit one, a disabled truck and this problem on the cross box east and an accident, which causes delays across the gorge Washington bridge but at the tolls seeing 10 minute delays and alternate side of the street parking rules for

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of 50% off and more for \"GMA\" viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62621095","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals on the best gifts for Mother's Day","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-best-gifts-mothers-day-62621095"}