'GMA' Deals and Steals on holiday gifts for $20 and under

Tory Johnson brings big discounts on some of the hottest holiday gifts, all for $20 and under.
11:50 | 11/29/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals on holiday gifts for $20 and under
Now very special holiday edition. Peeled and steals toward Djokovic the reunion savings on gifts and items. For your holiday party inner of all what looks. Or less three. Starting capital on this isn't really cool company that was created by a couple and Napa Valley them winemakers and so they want it away to into the and that really is an apple cider that means yes this is within this is that this is why this is Snyder were on hand up. And don't be allowed me to if you I'm don't finish the bottle why you put the cap on and then you can stored in the refrigerator even use it laid down when it hit lay down sideways if you want. And make capital bubbles is for any sparkling beverage it will allow the sparkling beverage to keep its buzz for up to a one so I'm really great fat. The first set they're all coming exactly going to be lashed didn't. Hadn't seen. The great. Our biggest assortment ever of course the ball we've got something brand names and he got this much is this damn list. Cops so that's perfect for wine that we're keeping with the wine seniors Dina also the winding this beauty this side the 25 now that's a line through that all. Now holds up full bottle of wine to 25 outside existing case of this decade and on the huge assortment of colors triple insulated these are all simple inflated which means if they keep your beverages cold or hot longer we also have a bunch of their different wine accessories. These are great for people of all ages because water or wind that's your choice but India is great. Thirteen to 33 normally but today they're slashing apps they search just 650. Scraps of this really great little teeny kit like this comes at everything you need to meet fresh cheese in under an hour so on yeah. It is male or that the dairy free option if you don't want to comment. Have dairy in your cheese there's a kid adorable and what I also best about this is the woman who created this she is so obsessive about she she started this as a little side business on at C. To pay off her student loan debt fast start now these are sold by Williamson all my stuff. That's how could get a lot of fun to do like and I think that the builders went door. Plea it's something you know it's a ticket you get to some and it's not just about the cheese but it's really about the fun of making something in the kitchen and people have a lot of fun doing that kind of stuff and there's a great deal so it isn't normally. 29 to fifty dollars but they're slashed by fifty to 60% they started 1415. Then finally say I did I know you can I'm so what does that tell the Valencia oranges the we've got classics from sort of logic that we also have their holiday once. So there's a hollow anyone that had none of that this is putting and then there's a chance not want coming out and that's holly so it's got a little. Fresh forest chestnut also has like Paramount maple butter kind of all the sensors spectacular the packaging is beautiful. Eighteen to 39 regularly at the nail these are cut in half they start at nine dollars. We have let me give me a network this well below yeah well. Don't forget this and we have different every 120 dollars or less let's get started yeah. So who does. So unfair to people who visit their favorite things don't want is finally is over here you know funny keep moving. Yeah true years and wrote this is one of Oprah's favorite things in fact last year at Christmas Gayle King posted a photo that I answer Graham of Oprah's whole gang and at a house at Christmas. They're all wearing a proven she loved me so much she put it on the list again this year not to do here I can't help but ask them. I feel inside or that a temporary isn't likely. Thirtieth pumping as cozy as coolest thing ever normally. Thirteen to 35 dollars to answer your question all slash snafus are. That's errors. Always journal you even put these in the Michael so Michael enemy you know I don't need my way here gave got them for India he's got there weren't a lot of they want to warm we'll let it doesn't want to get more often. I have a little and the gift of Connolly warned hitting clearly we have a big assortment of animals and a little balls to choose from. Well there's slow sweet they're normally. Twenty dollars but they're slashing. Welfare. I don't know that the user education. Exactly exactly so that's what's great about learning resource is all of these products had to create. In he meantime while also learning there's the speaker's features the gears here is yours when they're classics for 25 years that cash register right back after twenty years I actually would write it back there yeah I'm. There's a doctor's kit and Nestle many awesome things from this company and and kids can just have endless amounts of time what's the deal they range from twenty to forty dollars but they're all clashing half buys its backside here. Your child into their favorite story that's right and to make bedtime just more exciting more in Beijing so we need this one for around. Ginger son Adrian. Brawl and you can upload photos and an ancient kids and let your kids start with a vengeance stands up who Mickey Mouse. I'm up for all the classic characters that kids love kids get to be part of the story that was better than. So I'm there's hardcover and paperback so normally treated 35 dollars but again they're cut in half they should attend. Pizza deals to go let's read and I know. Yeah yeah okay. Oh about. So these are ahead and but GQ look at a critical look at this little we don't think that yeah. He'd meg ready. FI could karate he at all. And what's good about that is what you do your mood that had been not gonna move because it's got this built in great. Matt Clinton about it I you see are we got our audience involved in this one here to. Clearly alive. Or eighteen dollars but today. They're not about. Not good seminary that a lot of different era placement look at your map when it figure. Watch it is a great gift a classic you can Lambert got absolutely still we have a huge department from ideal fashion. There's silicon lender can't handle a variety am I love you at a camp and it would get off there's a lot of places here in fact there are over 250. Choices they're all between. 49 55 dollars but today they are twenty. Free. And it's not that it's okay so I'm just I'm just waiting in front of these tap easily union emotion you see cancer and this is our problem that a lot of women in the audience at a home you'll understand. When you carry a big bad. And it's like the best guest so it's so dark in and you kind of fumbled the trying to stop Linda has got a bag right there guy in our front row. And so what's great is as soon as it sends his. He and it is you narrow the light. Yeah. Switching but you're not that it shuts up after ten seconds 6000 hours of light on the battery like this it. Yeah. Good for in a backpack in a duffel bag so it's not discredit for the girl that can have missed two so normally thirty knots but today. Fifteen. He's really cool company and simply not a whole variety of stuff the guys over there carrying off but a couple of light havens that wanted to show you guys. This is called bad guy blocker so that's a little curtains for the camera on your computer at I mean it like dissolve. Flipping Boehringer. I'm moving the camera or not it doesn't much like. Com ended the I'm gonna be. A lot of people are sort of like yeah CNN camera opening up. There. Screen lights clean up your act doesn't it can't happen let me got these monster chargers that's what they're called monster cookie but it's a charge. And not it's yeah that's about. That's really if he did all kinds of and cooler than. An extensive music business the company that combines the peacekeeping pork eggs and I really cool Smart innovative stuff I'll hey I got. Function every online I will say Torre everything Levine is just perfect stopping stopping stuff. This is a great example of the. Perhaps they started to 75 to twenty dollars yeah. Community also want to Oprah's favorite things these years they are on the they can't help us look at this at sea get all these many colleges and a variety of these things that I am jumping ahead this it's twenty dollars. We've got like crazy deal coming -- he left Torre gave me one of these last year you know Christmas gets so I'm hoping packaging so pretty actually tried Albany out color is it like. If you feel like little girl and yet it is a great I guess it's such a good chance it. This is a really big discount from julep normally 1288 dollar and he's just expect up. 77%. Read that it's okay Rita goes dormant issue Mary still looking gorgeous yeah seat look yeah look all right look. The candles you guys are actors like glitter in their gorges flatly that he shimmer body washes everything from his face still pretty. And again can't act baton. Soaps are just a really great get what five to 29 dollars for the class. Isn't this. On these are just really great on kind of meets not now. Or staff was weighing in yesterday evening got loads a lot pampering around here hot there's masks there. All kinds of skin care product luxurious ingredient but again it's all I just making your skin feel good and you getting that. Kind of calm down they're all coming Greek sets they start at fourteen dollars but they're slashing has everything from. Action seven dollars. And treat this is our parents can't relax. On let me address listed in the microwave but this is the one it has Coca number. Who left. All these great boils it leaves your skin just unbelievable and why strike a deal every new coconut spread to twenty to thirty dollars regularly these are slashing half. We want to put all of these come lead. It didn't get the yield on our web site. Then come on out guys didn't look like cribs have been coming out of well I DN. I I'm. Yeah.

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{"duration":"11:50","description":"Tory Johnson brings big discounts on some of the hottest holiday gifts, all for $20 and under. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59491849","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals on holiday gifts for $20 and under ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-holiday-gifts-20-59491849"}