'GMA' small business deals of the day

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on items from small businesses across the country.
1:54 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for 'GMA' small business deals of the day
Now time for "Deals & steals." Saving small businesses hit hard by the pandemic while saving you money. Tory Johnson joins us with not one but two deals and we'll help you look good and feel great. Hey there, Tory. Hello, T.J. Yeah, look good, feel great. We'll start with a way to upgrade your shower routine while at the same time helping to support a great Indianapolis small business. Harper + Ari makes terrific and body products found in big and small stores, many of which have closed because of the coronavirus crisis so you can get their sugar scrubs, moisturiing soaps and take us away, rose, apricot, peach, coconut. And all the products slashed in half so you'll save 50% with prices that start at $4.50 so it's a really great treat to pamper yourself. Then next let's meet Melanie Marie. She is a New York mom and entrepreneur who has a jewelry business that really came to a grinding halt during the covid crisis, the business had to shut down as the city shut down and she's very passionate about creating bold necklace, bold jewelry that helps people celebrate who they are or who they love. So you can choose to design a piece with your own name, a child's name, a word that means something to you. There's a variety of options to choose from and you will be supporting a really terrific business. Her whole collection today as well on our website, 50% off. Two great businesses, all great products. T.J. That is fantastic. I will check them both out, Tory, thank you very much. We partnered with them on these deals. Get them on our website, stay

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on items from small businesses across the country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71644131","title":"'GMA' small business deals of the day","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-small-business-deals-day-71644131"}