The ultimate Presidents' Day deals

Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping magazine breaks down some of the biggest sales and best things to buy to save big during Presidents' Day weekend.
6:28 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for The ultimate Presidents' Day deals
And everyone is excited for the holiday weekend and the presidents' day sales. I know we are because I'm here with magazine's style director, Lori bergamotto. And Lori is here. You're here to help us. You'll very veal what you should buy now and what you should wait on for the future That's right. This is what we'll do. We'll play -- how do presidents' day sales compare to black Friday and cyber Monday because -- They're always like get it this is a great question. The biggest difference is that when it comes to Black Friday and cyber Monday, we see items go from full price, slashed 50% for a very limited time. But when presidents' day which kicks off right now, people, presidents' day weekend, already discounted items are getting on sale. So things are on sale now and then come right now they're going to get even deeper discounted. I'm going to show you what I mean. This could be the thing to do. Yep. You've got a little game for us to play and need a little audience participant. We'll go through different things and I'm going to pick with the help of the audience which one you should buy now then you'll reveal the truth. You got it. Put me on the spot now? We'll start out in fashion. We have Lakeshia and David helping us in the fashion department. So what is the deal? Okay, so here's how the game works. Audience, please help us out here. So the game is is now the time to buy this winter coat as seen on the lovely Lakeshia whose 30th birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday. Or is it now the time to buy this swimsuit as seen on the very handsome David? So, audience, help them out. Coat swimsuit. I'll say swimsuit. Is that your final answer? That is my final answer. David, reveal. Try again. It's cold out. You need a coat and nobody wants a swimsuit in the cold That's what you would think but the truth is the best time to buy a swimsuit for a discount is closer to memorial day because as the weather gets warmer, the prices on swimsuits get lower and if you can really hold out till the fourth of July that's when you'll see the biggest discounts. Now, let's talk about that coat, Lakeshia, show us how much you will save. Regularly $260, down to $140 so this is from Nordstrom. Okay. It is an awesome coat. It's really warm, right? It's a down coat. You can find amazing deals, you guys, on everything winter related, so this coat, but Nordstrom isn't just doing coats. They're doing sweaters, denim, anything you can imagine up to 40% off and it's not just Nordstrom. So old Navy is doing up to 50% off sitewide. up to 80% off. Look at items like this. The technology next. You told me swimsuit, ma'am. Uh-oh. Technology. What do we have here. Is now the time to buy a laptop or a gaming console? Laptop, what do you guys think? Game console. Okay, gaming console. My man right there is going game. He told me game console. I hope there's no cheating going on. Let's see. Final answer, try again. Oh, man. Okay. So gaming console is the best deal that you'll get on them is closer to black friday/cyber Monday because they don't release them as frequently and don't update them as much. You won't see the price change too much but laptops. Here we go. $2800 down to $2400 so it's big savings, $400 on this macbook pro and our friends at Best Buy are doing a huge sale on laptops. We won't see this again until back to school time so if you need a laptop now is the time to get it. Best Buy up to $400 off. doing $400 off pcs and lenovo up to 45%. Best Buy price matches. If you find a cheaper laptop, bring it to them and they'll match the price. Okay. Here we go. We'll move on. Appliances. So indoor appliances like this refrigerator or outdoor appliances like this grill, what is it going to be, guys? You know what, he's going grill. He looked confident and smart. I'm saying grill. Do the honor, my friend. Try again. Oh, Michael. You know what, I need to stop trusting you guys. So you'll see the best deal again on the grill as we get closer to the summer months. That is unfortunately not going to be on sale this weekend but this Samsung French door refrigerator from Lowe's, originally 1999 on sale for 1199. $800 savings at Lowe's. They have every appliance you can dream up. Having an up to 40% off this weekend as well as, up to 40% off. So we have some really great deals on appliances. Finally -- Last but not least, home decor. Yes. So home decor is, okay -- I'm afraid to guess. Awesome modern couch as well as this beautiful rug. This is a tough one. What do you guys think, couch or rug? Look at the prices, almost $3,000 and about $500, what do you think? Okay, I'm going with the kid. I'm going with the kid I pts front row who is missing school. I'll go with the rug. That's it. Michael Strahan it was a trick question. They're both on sale, you guys. So this is the great news for all of us here, it is the time -- he was right. He was right no matter what. This is the time to do it, offering up to 40% off and on Monday their premiere day up to 70% off for west elm. Pottery barn up to 70% off. We love the modern stuff at west elm. Saved you a lot of money. I know you got a super bowl ring but you only got one of these right. Thank you. Lori bergamotto, thanks. Lakeshia, happy birthday. A sneak peek at "Toy story

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping magazine breaks down some of the biggest sales and best things to buy to save big during Presidents' Day weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61096173","title":"The ultimate Presidents' Day deals ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/ultimate-presidents-day-deals-61096173"}