How to ace a virtual job interview

Ian Siegel, CEO and co-founder of ZipRecruiter, gave tips on how to prepare and succeed at virtual job interviews.
4:21 | 07/09/20

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Transcript for How to ace a virtual job interview
Virtual job interviews are becoming more common as many companies shift to working remotely this change for most job seekers is. Definitely something new but not to worry though the CEO and co-founder and dip recruiter. Ian Segal is here to teach us how to ace those new types of interviews so thank you for being with us in. And I want to or not because to Labor Department reported another one point three million people. Filed for unemployment aid last week and zip recruiter you seen an increase or indeed increase of new jobs posted. Who actually been seeing a steady increase in the number jobs cursed and we are core seeing a big increase the number job seekers are now looking for work. All right that is some good news we will take it's a worst could be advantages. And disadvantaged edges on the virtual interview over what were more familiar with that in person interview. But the reality is that for job seekers is all advantages multiple studies that shown that employers make judgments. About job seekers within one seconds but meeting them. And the great thing about video ordered uses you have total control over that first second. So I give every job seeker this scenic parks which is followed these three rules I want you to over groom. And that means put pants on it I want you to consider your lighting in your background because whenever you show them is going to affect their judgment that view. And in the third rose really simple which is you wanna seem interest it sell like all the lean forward which is. It's better to be leaning forward in her chair when they come lot to be looking. Skin doesn't grades has put about Arab background for the virtual call that something that gets a little confusing. Well I think there're a lot of options for background and you've got many people in different situations they aren't have great options. The most important thing about your background is that it be neat you definitely don't want to show them an unmade bed and definitely don't want to show them a messy room. That's in very bad and good since there are right so were able to control environment before hand which is great but. Since they can't see everything is about Kidde kind of have a cheat sheet by U. Yeah I think it's a great idea for job seekers to visibly be taking notes as they are participating in the inner ear. People like to be hurt so showing the person who's interviewing you that you're paying close attention and you care can only help you in this process in hottest. And out though how do you make a lasting impression when you're doing it over a computer screen. While you're doing it over a computer screen are you doing it in person might give every job seekers seem advice witches I always is start the interview with this sentence. I'm so excited to be here he ties fill in the blank something specific. That means you have to research the company before you go and actually you know what that specific thing is you can say. What you want to show interest we use show interest that triggers the other person like you what's the best thing you can do to start in here. I'm not that interests enthusiasm. And the fact that you've done your homework now. I talk to a lasting impressions one of the ones you probably don't want to leave with your potential future employer is in eruptions perhaps from your kids your pets are. Maybe even someone walking by he unexpectedly on. Clothes you know we've seen in all these days in these in calls. How do you move boy back. While my advice would be don't appoint it. Being at home actually gives you rare opportunity for when something unexpected happens. To show an employer. How you'll handle either but tense situation or adversity or the unexpected. So if your cat walks across your computer screen or your kids from running and stay cool laugh about it show the employer that you're ready for anything. Can't that is great advice turned into a positive should follow up with a thank you note and an if yes. How do we do this now considering a lot of people are working from home we'd probably don't have their home addresses. Absolutely. You want to follow up every interview for a job you want by sending thank you notes that people who interviewed you. It's fine to send an email. Strongly encourage you referenced something specific that was discussed during the interview so make yourself more memorable. From all these are amazing tennis we certainly appreciate know a lot of people are home watching Ian Segal thank you for your time today in your expertise. Thanks for hurt me.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Ian Siegel, CEO and co-founder of ZipRecruiter, gave tips on how to prepare and succeed at virtual job interviews.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71695042","title":"How to ace a virtual job interview","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/ace-virtual-job-interview-71695042"}