Ethan Suplee's incredible weight loss

The actor talks about his body transformation, his podcast "American Glutton" and more.
5:32 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for Ethan Suplee's incredible weight loss
You gotta see this and today we need it we all know actor each principally from his roles in Boy Meets World remember the titans and the wolf of Wall Street. Well he's gone by a role for his epic weight last and you got to see what he looks like now. Please welcome he thinks a plea. Do it on good scenario for good you know I've been following this whole transformation that you've had it is absolutely. Nothing sort of amazing but you knew lost weight before but never like this so do you have a breakthrough moment. I. I really changed my perspective on food I'd been using food for a long time. Basically is a source of entertainment. He's just constantly. Making myself happy with it and now I really look at food as a source of fuel yet and and functionally what does my body need. To produce what I want to. Well what is it good old days look like for you then in food and exercise. All my food is very very. Carefully planned out the macro nutrient for planned out the calories are planned out and I'm in the gym six days a week. And how I work out. I generally wake up and on an empty stomach go do a little bit of Corleone you know I keep my keep my heart breakdowns I don't want to get too high and then I'm in the gym anywhere for all from one to two hours a little. Listing Lewis Preston Carter you in the morning yeah they're really help meet Ed added actor you're on sat on sat it's tough craft services you know those tables full of everything. I figure why. Iceland is a fuel yes I do exactly that put them all invade the ball with that in for someone who got home. In who have to go to work and have long been involved as well they wanna eat. Healthier be healthier how do you do you get past those craft service table that and makes you young thing right plan. He I don't. Thai don't go anywhere near that food I take my food with me and I have I haven't actually touch set food in wound time I'll bring. My day's worth of food with me I love lake. Greek yogurt some really good you can get low fat or olfactory Gilbert's but newness come in their home packages that super communion. Sliced Turkey but I bring my own food with me yeah. Snacks but hey I I read that even when you out to restaurants with your feeling sometimes you've pre packed scenes that so what kind of what would the bigger meals look like or the more the home. Beyond snack. Like either Tupperware companion are rice chicken vegetables. And rice are sweet potatoes chicken vegetables stuff like that yeah. I get carves now now that I consider the food fuel I think for the longest time I didn't carbohydrates and knowing them and it was. Incredibly scary at first I thought like carbohydrates are evil but if you're using them appropriately they're actually beneficial. And in so you go to restaurant you pull out your own meal. Who people address problem regularly volume for the order here now I generally. My mother my wife does not work but I'll eat my hat. I'm wrapped. Now we Massa could you talked about losing week. Dealt with weak gain weight loss if it's often a yellow Ethiopia and it happens when you fall off the wagon idea what do you deal with slip ups. I don't slip up. And then. Okay. If I'm. If I have to eat something if if Favre gone so long and I have to eat something that's not part of my program. I planet and then it's no longer a mistake raised its thoroughly plan. Or that if you start did not treat food is good and evil and just look at it is not a she's gay but a treat day you don't really just realized that the powers in you not the food do you have any changes yeah I find that. Making a mistake or doing something contrary to what you had decided to do you can get you knocked off the path yet you decide. This is a part of my program then it's not a mistake. And every day but every day. Every day can't VH street date a guy that you make but now and you noted rock cafe American gluttony so what did he didn't pocket business eyes looked. I have been. Morbidly obese I've been actually very thin and I used to ride bicycles and I was down much later than I am now and I actually didn't like how I looked and now I've him. Very fit and I just want to share my experience is easy if any thing that has helped me could help somebody else achieve their goal than I am super into it. Well yeah. Blood hot sauce fifty humid yet we object out of my hand they get on my plane that perhaps. I was tired of hearing everything he can't go give it to an audience through some. Shoot kind of sick of hearing me talk about functional food and one amid it's just you get into the void. Larry. You're talking about functional who comes out of it affects so many people feel safe. And where every listen to podcast.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The actor talks about his body transformation, his podcast \"American Glutton\" and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68329622","title":"Ethan Suplee's incredible weight loss","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/ethan-suplees-incredible-weight-loss-68329622"}