This family is on a mission to collect 50,000 pairs of shoes

Over the last six years Jeni, Kelton and Layken Sanders have been donating shoes instead of getting birthday presents.
6:05 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for This family is on a mission to collect 50,000 pairs of shoes
their mission to give back and has proven you're never too young to help make a difference. Take a look. Seven years ago elementary school teacher and mother of four Jenny Sanders got an unexpected surprise from her eldest child, Kelton. Just 10 at the time, he informed her that instead of presents for his birthday, he wanted to provide food for those in need. Inspired by her brother, Jenny's 9-year-old daughter lake requested that instead of presents for her birthday the family donate shoes to those in need through soles for souls, a nearby Nashville charity. That's how it all started. With a family as loving and giving as the Sanders, it didn't stop there. Four years ago Jenny and the kids started a community drive with the ultimate goal of reaching 50,000 pairs of shoes. With nearly 44,000 pairs of shoes to date, they're fast approaching their target. You can feel sure that those who are struggling will feel a little extra love and comfort this holiday season thanks to this amazing family. Please welcome Jenny and her incredible children, Kelton and lake. Hey guys, how are you doing? Give it up. Amazing what you're doing. Kelton, I want to start with you. 10 years old you decided to give up on your own gifts and you wanted food donations. Yes, sir. What made you come to that? I decided to donate food to our local food bank because my grandparents were using them a lot, especially when my grandpa became disabled, and so I really wanted to try and help them and other people out who use the food bank. For my 10th birthday I really wanted to honor them so that's why I kind of went with the donating food to the food bank. You definitely did, without a doubt. Laken, how did your brother get you kind of inspired to get involved with the community? I've always looked up to my older brother since the beginning and whenever he decided to do that for his birthday, I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do the exact same thing. So as soon as he did that I was looking online and researching what I could do and I saw many pictures of children and teens and adults even with, like, their shoes not -- just messed up. So I knew I wanted to help give back to that. Jenny, I can only imagine how proud you must be. Very. But what kind of emotions run through you as you see the generosity and the pure hearts of your children? My emotions have been all over the place with my kids and their accomplishments. I would have to say that at the end of the day I want my children to be good people and they truly are good people. They have worked so hard and they've had to learn on this journey that it's been quite difficult. They've had to learn how to ask for help, work together and know that it's okay to not give up and to look outside, you know, look at their community, elementary school. Barfield elementary has been so supportive to them, hosting shoe drives each year. I'm just overwhelmed. My students, my former students and everyone who's helped them, for them to keep pushing through, like I said, in the hard times, I'm very proud of you guys. Laken, I know you have the goal of collecting 50,000 shoes for soles for souls. You're almost there at your goal, just at 44,000. How does it feel? It's crazy to think that that we're almost at our goal that we set years ago, to think that we pushed through many years ago to do this. It's great in knowing that since the beginning we had one pair of shoes to now almost 50,000 and knowing that we're saving 50,000 lives. 50,000. 50,000. We're so incredibly proud of what you're doing for the community and the example that you're setting out there for us and all our kids, so our sponsor, dsw, they heard and they wanted to help you reach that goal of 50,000 shoes. So they're donating the remaining 6,000 pairs of shoes. Hold on. Don't get too excited because it doesn't end there. They were so impressed with your dedication that they believe paying it forward is just as important as buying gifts, so they're going to donate an additional -- are you ready? 50,000 pairs of new shoes to soles for souls. That's crazy. What are you guys feeling right now? That's insane. That's a lot. That -- that's -- wow. That's a lot of shoes. That's a lot of shoes. That's a lot of lives. Yes. You know, you would think we would have nothing else to tell them but dsw also wants to give a little something for yourself so they're giving you and your whole family shoes for the entire year. And guess what, the Sanders family aren't the only ones going home with gifts. Everyone in the audience is also going home with a $100 gift card from dsw. That's right. Dsw wants to do good and give back. You can donate your new or gently worn shoes at any dsw nationwide or if you're in new York City be sure to swing by their first ever do good popup where you can't make any purchases, you can only give to others. If you can, bring a pair of shoes to donate. What you started, what you're doing is absolutely amazing and you deserve all of this. Without a doubt. You're going to help so many it's so inspiring. Thank you. No matter what the age, you can always do something to help others and I think you're a great example of that, both of

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Over the last six years Jeni, Kelton and Layken Sanders have been donating shoes instead of getting birthday presents. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67711676","title":"This family is on a mission to collect 50,000 pairs of shoes","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/family-mission-collect-50000-pairs-shoes-67711676"}