Judge Marilyn Milian is taking 'The People's Court' virtual

After 20 years on television, the show's format is changing because of quarantine.
6:09 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Judge Marilyn Milian is taking 'The People's Court' virtual
Our next decade the longest standing TV judge on television her theory to People's Court. Running war a year. Isn't pregnant. Just like Macy's she advocate as we all have in he'd been holding court virtual. All right yeah it does I'll about it good judge irks. Maryland. MEI. All day. Hey you only. You know I got items like a big show a big fan of you so. Mitchell. Law any unit of energy years when he hit me because I feel like really well. You have to. No I. Look exactly. Of any of the money early in the opt out. You know it's kind of all of my daughters are back at three daughters in order when he when we're she. Would we're. One from college and air sat in. Any. Time. And hats. This is currently tied. Ours and yeah. Or it. Now we heard you were leaning virtual home Birkins of the hour and start doing so must request. We started OK we can't better not let you know that act act act. On. You know. On. And on. Though we design. In my living on the Nikki and why am I. Know. It will accurate and then we'll hear. It. Yeah I think. It's time. Audience certainty. English and more and more courts boat. You're. Hoping you'll learn how to do what is the biggest difference around comedians. On television in. What does it did it'd yours all. I think that differences mean really I remember when the shuttle launch twenty years ago. Her parents. Are. Up. I'd rather. You argue it's just an. Act act as currently. I am all in what he does our education and he absolutely. Campbell grabbed yeah. Greta you YouTube. When you get such a day. Saturday a little risk. You know how much it. Right yeah. Yeah I know they're listening. Do you graduate undergraduate with the Miami that you Gregory. When he three board now we go to. Just graduated from George. Alice staggered from the underground and I haven't. Georgetown hospital and I how high school's leaders urged here. Hey it. Got a monopoly on Georgetown. You even. Heated debate here at. Yankee media junkie. And I. They're screwed or. Sanaa. Adds. I mean there's like him and only. Yet they think you believe it's just that you. Are. A total. So rapids one. You talk about. You've armed pushing back on white at one thing yet young young at one stage which I know in the case outlets. He won in our them. You don't. Want liberty. They can get at me that he tried to flexible you raised it added in the most extreme herbal. Known how to push back might ask why me he or why not and I. Got to our. I I I I your. Hands. He. Michael like Hitler Michael outlook like that and I'm like yeah. I. Might we add on option. Yet and that's it. Anyway where did that while. Ago. Apple be see. Jay I hate you so much for taking. Out answer. Laughter and excited. Ayala speaking gradually I didn't. Accept. Heat air you're not one but we do you want the daughters as well and in the virtual reality will be watching. Yes. It is only twenty when he read each unit and it turned when. Take it back and you. Al the judge on the court on day. Our guys say are getting your Internet all right thank you ain't no. Oh I. Art.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"After 20 years on television, the show's format is changing because of quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70835578","title":"Judge Marilyn Milian is taking 'The People's Court' virtual","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/judge-marilyn-milian-taking-peoples-court-virtual-70835578"}