Should men always pay on a date?

Sara and Keke debate proper relationship etiquette.
2:36 | 01/20/20

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Transcript for Should men always pay on a date?
Recently posted a message on Twitter that got people really worked up. I got to your opinion on it. Twitter user fishscale wrote, even if a woman is paying for a date, she should always give the man her money beforehand that way he can pay for the date. She followed up by saying, this is literally basic manners and the fact that y'all don't know this is sad. You women got y'all men out here looking weak. The responses were swift and strong. One wrote, if me paying for the date makes him look weak then he is weak. And I would never be with such a man. I could have sworn it was 2020. Could have sworn. Then she continued with, if a man feels a way about a woman paying for a date he should pay for the date himself. I still got to sign the check, we just slide it back and forth across the table for no reason. And then, last but not least, jade said, I did this. My ex was broke around my birthday and my parents came to dinner with us. So I cashapped him after the date ended. I think this is such a weird time to be hearing a tweet like this. Is anyone else a little shocked? Does anyone agree with it? I mean, look, if you agree with that's on you -- not on you, it's whatever you want. Don't judge me. In my mind, it goes back to one of the Twitter posts that somebody said, if you're with somebody that wants you to pretend yourself not paying that's the bigger problem. Absolutely. If we're going Dutch, cool, so be it, but you should be confident with that. But let me sign my check. I love chivalry. I love -- I have gone out on dates when a guy pays. I only feel comfortable to say I'll get the next one. I look at someone who's really worked hard for her money and kept it and saved it, I look at the man across the table and think, they felt that way, too. I think there's got to be the flip side. When I pay I'm proud of that. Me, too. Let me have my moment to be proud. Hey, I think so much has changed from back in the day where we have these strict gender rules. At the end, you figure out what works for you. Somebody should let you shine when it's your moment to shine. Yeah, I paid that bill.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Sara and Keke debate proper relationship etiquette.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68406577","title":"Should men always pay on a date?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/men-pay-date-68406577"}