Michael Strahan's ‘black-ish’ cameo

Trace Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne talk selfies, behind-the-scenes fun and cousin June Bug.
6:47 | 10/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Strahan's ‘black-ish’ cameo
Introduction please what would start the blackest Tracy Ellis Ross Anthony Anderson and there are. Oh an advanced three hour and let me see. But I do it doesn't count my Anderson Darden doesn't. Yeah. Not a way back when these Fishburne Natalie back to look he ended beaten. Come back many years old now we room activity that we'll see you. I am I don't wish assessing very clear she loses. Brilliant as talented as you. As a powerful than this year's. And. And he was incredible that you select Russell added that it didn't seem it would you win Angela supposedly is. Who knew right now we gotta talk about your glamour cover I don't know anyone oppose her know she's the queen himself fees it. Well as the next level tell us about the covered well I shot my own and act cover your yeah yes yeah I'm I did my own hair and make up and little remote Sierra hand ability you can see what he's always brag on vacation their ex boyfriend's I was like who was there with you think you would like to know would you. I don't want to put his as a thinker I'm good. So impressed and camp I mean and that he's if you sign it. I mean it's all about the angles and lighting hill angles when you make me look like that yeah. But she a lot of self he sunset you know someone verilux moon them. How women. Maybe not onset maybe outside its act. Many of them aren't hanging out through. Sale or other. Clean up suffered years of topical. But you gotta have a lot of fun house that I filing their witnesses in it is it is so incredible chemistry this that the love that you have yet you glad you post about videos so when I grew up my men who have lost said. We possibly videos let's check about it. And. Music could coming from Anthony's backpack. What won't he work a lot of hours and when it starts to get real tired there's attired in that he will come in with the speaker backpack. I got to know more about a that I got. Kids do not like eighteen yet lots making it hard. At heart I'm. Now that you guys have been together for six seasons he has you guys know they're married in the show in this is his dad singer likes. Family whose biggest lake prankster. Who on sat like it never be you have that happens I would say means you have to think it's ironic go without as well. I well what I won't back when it's good drinking though yes there's nothing disruptive about it it all he brings a kind of lightness to it. That everybody on the sick really enjoys so it's it's always in good fun quickly enough for me pops. I came true because you had a reunion with. Girl Maria has are. I mean I'd reunited with miss that show always seem less it felt like no time had passed an engineer that was unbelievable the chemistry was like. Right there are. Yeah I got it was very. It's unreal and I'm being honest because it and Anthony wasn't in any of the scenes that I was in with energy or one. And it was a little hard for me to remember who I was playing yeah. Yeah yeah. Our mind about yeah yeah. That he had some pretty epic Halloween flooring and yet he knew city US have been the Obama is not in the last camp there earns. Here is going to be unbelievable I have to tell us can't give it away all haven't liked no hint sentimental beard and all my cell. No no we. What did we had a good time is that there's all the guys love it's not only. We did black PM third we did yeah. The incredible of the Obama yeah worries if you asked already of this fine I gladly. Last. And oh yeah. I feel like bill become mommies is Lawrence Lawrence would you like to speak intention he. God. We're not be at liberty to discuss such an operation. I was the British. President good topless one in the have a great Thomas that had to beat up what they have me. A little bit lol yeah what's your your cousin yeah. Everything you people would ever we have the space and eighteenth called the good people must think Kim from Mimi for him yeah the one of them had to give in he didn't look at how. We have I. Me my job I think the Pentagon but by the year what do got to tell you that. Still weak blue baby girl went primetime. I. There's. He went to Cuba restful here you plumber costume he. Include CDC. You're looking. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah. Clarion real his.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Trace Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne talk selfies, behind-the-scenes fun and cousin June Bug. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66266024","title":"Michael Strahan's ‘black-ish’ cameo","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-strahans-black-ish-cameo-66266024"}