Terry Crews is sexier than Michael, love Legos and sketches SSK

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star shows off one of his many talents.
11:34 | 02/17/20

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Transcript for Terry Crews is sexier than Michael, love Legos and sketches SSK
Our next guest is a terrific actor, TV host, just all-around great guy, please welcome the one and only Terry crews. How y'all doing? Hello. How you doing? What's up? Come on in here. Oh, yeah, this ain't going away. Every year, every year it gets better. Because they just droop a little bit more. I know how that goes. Sara. Oh, god. Can I just start by saying, this man right here is one of the nicest people, not just in the business, he's one of the nicest humans. Thank you. -- You'll every meet. I love you guys. I love you guys. All of us go way back. All of us. We lived in the same gated community. We were neighbors for years. We do go way back. It was funny, Terry's coming. A friend of mine randomly sent me this picture -- he had no idea that Terry was here. Randomly sent me this picture that we put up that's me, Terry, that's fabulous and that's right after we beat the undefeated patriots in the super bowl. That's the after-party. You know what, it was crazy because everybody thought y'all were going to lose -- everybody. Because the patriots were undefeated. And you know, I was the only guy who signed up for the party. I remember -- because everybody was at the patriots' party, it was packed. They were all hooked up. I'm like, I'm just going to stick with my man, and if they lose, I'll be like, go Mikey. It was the party of the century. It was the upset of the century, man, and you were -- it was incredible. You know, but I do have a bone to pick because there was another upset of the century that I'd like to talk about, you know, "People" magazine has the sexiest man alive and John legend's on the cover, and I'm reading this thing and I open it up and they had the sexiest TV host and the winner was Terry crews. But that's not my upset. Because look at who they got down at the bottom. Who is that gentleman right It's all right to be a runner-up. I'm a runner-up? It's okay. Recount. I could have been a contender. I'm sorry I need my glasses to see Mike in that one. Come on. First of all, you got to understand, you know, this sexy thing, it cracks me up, because once you know somebody all the sexiness kind of goes away. My wife had a crush on the rock for years. She was like, oh, the rock, I said, you don't even like movies like that. But what happened is, I introduced her I made sure I was going to ruin it. She said -- you ruined it and all that sexy stuff. Speaking of all that sexy stuff, you posed for some gym photos recently and I mean, it was gag-worthy. Let's show the photos. I mean, this isn't -- lot of people would look at that photo and believe that you're actually a grandfather. Somebody said on the internet, the internet will put you in your place, somebody said "He looks like a chewed-up tootsie roll." I was like, I do. I do look like a chewed-up tootsie roll. My wife was like that's what you get. That's what you get. I will never look at a tootsie roll the same. Some people were like, melted kitkat on the dashboard. That's when he stopped reading the comments. But seriously, people will look at that photograph and not realize you're a grandfather. Oh, my gosh. What is it like for you? I love it. Being a grandfather, my granddaughter is 9 years old, about to be 10, and first of all, you realize -- what happens is, you relax. As a parent I cared about everything. What school, what are they eating where you at, and then you realize as a grandparent they're going to do what they're going to do anywhere and now you're relaxed. Go ahead, let her fall down the stairs she'll be all right. You have so many interests, but one of them is to become a farmer. That's right. First of all, I want a farm. I want a whole -- I grew up in in the hood, I grew up with the whole thing, you know what I mean, the closest thing I came to animals -- I want big animals. I want horses, pigs, chickens, the whole thing. I want a garden. But when I get in scenes like that, I get peace. You know what I mean? It's weird. Any time I get into a farmlike setting it's like all the pressure comes off and I relax. I need this in my life. I will, very soon will get a farm and do it. You're so busy, man, what do you do to relax? Besides from visiting farms. First of all, my big thing is legos. Oh, wow. That's another thing that I love to put together, legos. Legos are a metaphor for life. It looks like they're broken up. But legos aren't broken. This is like you, humanity, but for me, you think -- if you think your life isn't together, if you think you're broken, the deal is you're just not finished. We want to help you. We want to help you relax. We got you some legos. "Strahan, Sara & keke." Hey, so now, you can put us together. I like it. We need some help. I also hear you're an artist. I am. Is it true that you sketch people? I do, I sketch all the time. 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{"duration":"11:34","description":"The \"Brooklyn Nine-Nine\" star shows off one of his many talents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69031839","title":"Terry Crews is sexier than Michael, love Legos and sketches SSK","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/terry-crews-sexier-michael-love-legos-sketches-ssk-69031839"}