‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakdown: The JPJ vs. Derek fight

Former cast members Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk spill the tea on this week's “BIP” episodes.
7:27 | 09/04/19

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Transcript for ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakdown: The JPJ vs. Derek fight
breakdown. Here to help us make sense of it all is former couple -- sorry, I want to announce to you guys are no longer together, this is former "Bachelor in paradise" cast members, raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk. So that's a teaser because actually you guys -- you met two seasons ago? Two seasons ago, yeah. And you got engaged in may. Yeah. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Can you tell us anything about the wedding? Yeah, we set a date. So, now, it's just trying to keep everything on budget which is really hard. That's so hard. Other than that, I feel like it's going to be pretty smooth. We're open to wedding advice. If you have any for me let me Oh, my gosh. You look nervous. Tell me -- One little tidbit, always make the list shorter thanou thought. It ends up about being everyone else. The more intimate you keep the most important part which is you Good advice. Thank you. Let's get into this week's the fight continued with jpj and let's take a look. You're not the right guy for tayshia. You don't get to decide that. She gets to decide that, not you. She has already decided that. John, she has decided that. She has decided that already. This is so unnecessary. Y'all should not be watching. You continue to put words in my mouth, John. My reputation is impeccable. Don't get that close to me. This is us talking. I didn't even get close to you. You spit on my face, John. I'm sorry. Why are you laughing like this all the time? You don't take this seriously at all. I love the guy's animation. Seems like a character in a movie. I loved it. Okay, whose side are you guys on in this? We're team Derek. We're team Derek. We were with Derek last night. We love Derek. What do you think the whole deal is with jpj? I don't really know. I don't think he knows. But, Derek, I thought he handled jpj so well. Derek could have really escalated that situation. When someone is coming at you, like, okay, let's keep it here. My boyfriend is not getting any higher than this. He did a great job of not escalating to a slapping a pinata situation. I thought he did great. But it didn't stop there. It's collated. It kept going on social media. What is your take on that? I think -- at the end of the day like, Derek, you have to rise to a higher level than what's being portrayed and I think Derek did a really good job of kind of just keeping his cool, taking the higher road and handling himself in a better way and so, at the end of the day, you know, he bowed off the show and did what he needed to do. And I think he ended on a good note. I'm more curious to see how things are going to progress with John Paul Jones. And how he's going to stay afloat. Go from here, yeah. Speaking of a little bit more on Derek and what Derek is going to do, do you think Derek could be the next "Bachelor"? Michael, I thought you were going to be the next bachelor. We're in the middle of contract talks -- no, I'm joking. No, no, no. Not happening. I think Derek would be a phenomenal "Bachelor" contestant. I think that he's mature enough, I think he knows how to play the lead role and he knows how to navigate through his love journey. And we saw him be really emotional with tayshia and be straight-up with me. She's like, I don't think it's going to work out. Are you telling me like it's not or is there a chance? I don't need to be, you know, one or the other, I need you to pick one. He brought that out of her. I think that's a great quality to have in a bachelor. Absolutely. We saw that Angela, who's clay's ex-girlfriend came to paradise, little shocker, yeah, this was tough for me. How do you guys think clay handled this situation? I don't think clay handled it well. I think he had a rough idea that she could potentially be there. In Angela's defense, you have to keep in mind she said something along the lines of, well, if clay is here I have the right to be here as well. Absolutely. So, I think it's totally okay they can make it work. There was this meme going around the internet, nobody, absolutely nobody, and then clay, I don't know if my girl should be dating other people. It's crazy. He never once recognized the obvious thing which is he's moved on and you should be able to say, you know, if I moved on it's tough, but she should be able to move on. At some point, if you're out of a relationship and you're on this show, you need to say, hey, okay, you have your fun and we're done. He wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He doesn't want her dating anyone but he's moved on. As you can see, I was a little triggered by clay last night. Dean returned to paradise and dropped a bomb. This is so juicy. We have a clip of this as well. I decided I need to stop running away from the good things in life. I want to figure that out with you and I know it's like a big heavy thing. But I came here to ask you if you would leave paradise with me today. Holy crap. Yeah. I feel good about where we stand and everything. So, I'm not superworried about what's going on right now. Have you met Dean? I have never met Dean. Kristina is laughing because she know and what should caelynn should do? I personally think caelynn should let him go home and stay. I say that, because I say that because I think Dean, first of all, is a really good friends of ours, of mine, this is Dean's second go round in paradise. When he first went home by himself, he didn't lead anyone on. He said, I can't -- I can't get to the point to see myself with you long term and he ended up bowing out. But there are two sides to every story. In the word of Selena Gomez, the heart wants the heart wants. Even if it's bad decision, caelynn should go. Because you can't leave a what if. It's lingering in your mind. Even if it's destruction in the end go girl, find out -- No, no. She's a hopeless romantic. No, steal your girl and try to steal her back. See you later, Dean. I agree with you, but we're going to leave on my last word. There we are.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"Former cast members Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk spill the tea on this week's “BIP” episodes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65384357","title":"‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakdown: The JPJ vs. Derek fight","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/bachelor-paradise-breakdown-jpj-derek-fight-65384357"}