Graham Norton on Tom Cruise, the queen and how to tell he's lying

The British talk show star reveals his host secrets and talks about his new novel, "A Keeper."
6:32 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Graham Norton on Tom Cruise, the queen and how to tell he's lying
countless awards and is one of the most popular broadcasters in the world and he's a mandatory stop for every celebrity when they're in the U.K. Take a look at him in action. He punched you. Yeah, that's right. Well, he punched you. Of course I punched him. One, two, three. I think you've been doing this for longer, you know, than I've even been alive and you've been doing it so incredibly well and the fact that you're still here today in 2013 -- I'm serious, no. Everybody, please welcome the hilarious host of the appropriately named "The graham Norton show," the man himself, graham Norton, yeah. Nice to see you. Nice to see you, man. Thank you very much for that welcome. Hello, hello, nice to meet you. I'm really well. Hi. You know, we are some of your biggest fans. Oh, that's so kind of you. Thank you very, very much. And on your show, you get the most amazing guests. You get huge superstars. So we wanted you to feel more at home, so guys, go ahead and help us -- Because we get huge superstars as well. Oh my goodness, wow. We have to thank madame tussauds because they hooked us up with some stars. Taylor just looks annoyed. She was not happy to be here today. Sandra looks thrilled. They're a little quiet compared to your couch, but they're here. You know what, they're not bad, are they? No. Really good. I'm actually staring very intently at Morgan. Really looks good. Looks really like Morgan. For you guys who don't know, graham, you have your own by the way, you have your own wax figure. Madame tussauds did me. Have any of you had it done? I actually did it. Oh wow. Go see me in times square. Did you do it? Did you cooperate? They measured everything. What do they do? They have little green dots and everything and they measure every little thing. Apparently even the queen, she sits there in a slip and they put the dots on the queen. That's why they look so good. I don't think Taylor cooperated. I don't think she was there. I don't know why -- Some of them -- I think Morgan said yes. Brad said yes. You know what freaked me out when I did it. I actually went to the barber and they said we want some of your hair. Yes. What? Yeah. No, no, no, no. You don't give away your hair. The other weird thing is when you look at it, it's not like looking at a mirror because a mirror is a mirror image. Yes. You see yourself as other people see you and it's kind of disorienting. I don't know why in my mind I thought they just dipped you guys in wax. We talk about all the guests you get and that clip gave us a good taste of that but do you ever get star struck? You do. You guys know what it's like. Yes. Normally you're excited to see them but once they sit down you start noticing nose hair. Not the nose hair, love. They become human. They become human. Yes, yes. I think there's very few who stay a star. Like Tom Cruise, I like Tom Cruise but I wasn't expecting -- when he walked out, I sort of never got over the fact that it was Tom Cruise and he's done the show four or five times now and it's still like that. I'm just like, you keep looking back and go, oh, my god, Tom Cruise is here. Really cool. Yeah. Very cool. How do you handle it when you have a guest on and you really don't like what they're promoting like the movie or the show or something like that? Like how honest are you? No, no, never honest. I like everything. My review is meaningless. I've never seen a film I didn't love. But you know what, they make you see it and then it's awful because the actor knows the movie stinks and it's like kind of a conversation after drunk sex or something. It's awkward. Aside from having this amazing show you're also writing books. Yes. You have this new book "A keeper". I started novels -- Yes. It's a new thing, you know. When I turned 50 I had always wanted to write a novel -- 50, you look great. When I was 52 I finished my first one and now it's the second one. They're set in Ireland, kind of mysteries. I'm super proud of this. It's a really -- it's a good yarn. Did you always have the stories floating in your head or did you always love the act of writing? I always liked writing. Both the books so far have been based on stories that my mother told me. Like Ireland is full of stories and there are things that happen in this book that could only happen in Ireland. If you set this book somewhere else -- That's what they say about Florida. But you're like an onion. You have layers, man, so many layers. Yes. Have I? I don't know. I don't know where to go with this. Should I take my shirt off? It's a compliment, graham. It's a compliment. With books we know that you have to sign a ton of those when you go to book signings and do book tours. Do you enjoy that? What they do now in the U.K. I do book events with this big a audience and rather than at the end sitting and signing them all and saying hello and having photographs, you pre-sign all the books. You spend about two days in a warehouse -- Two days? Yeah. How many books? Tens of thousands of these things. His books are good. But two days. I know the book is great, it's good, but two days? Sounds like torture. You go crazy. So like you have to stop every kind of 20 minutes you have to stop and just make sure you are still writing your own name. Graham, we're so happy. Thank you for being here. It's a pleasure. Graham's novel, "A keeper," it is in stores now. Make sure you guys go out and get yourselves a copy.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"The British talk show star reveals his host secrets and talks about his new novel, \"A Keeper.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65721788","title":"Graham Norton on Tom Cruise, the queen and how to tell he's lying","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/graham-norton-tom-cruise-queen-lying-65721788"}