The hottest summer books you need to read

Author Jennifer Weiner talks about her new book "Mrs. Everything."
3:37 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for The hottest summer books you need to read
We're here with Jennifer Weiner, author of the summer's buzziest beach read "Mrs. Everything." Jennifer's book have spent over five years on "The New York Times's" bestselling list with over 11 million copies sold. In 36 countries. That's amazing. I don't get out much. Let's get right to it. Now, you have a few book recommendations that people must read. Yes. Once they finish my book, of course. Of course. You can race right through it. It's juicy and fun. You're going be home? A little free time? Yes. I do find time to read all the time. Listen, #neglectthekids. Jennifer. The kids, the housework. We have been telling everybody there's a book better than sex. Even Michael is going to read this one. This book is called "Lace." It's by Shirley Conran. It's a throwback. It's four different women, they all, like, you know, it's basically the stories of their love lives and their sex lives and it's steamy hot. Steamy hot. Scorching. Scorching. Keep up. Keep up. Okay. So, this book is a little bit different from your other books. What was the inspiration? My mom. Okay. You know, when you're writing about love and sex, who do you think of? When you're not thinking about Michael. It's a family show. This interview is all over the place. Jennifer, where are you from? Well, I live in Philadelphia. But this is the story of two sisters in Detroit. My mom is from Detroit. Yes, motor city. So, two sisters through the '50s, '60s and the '70s, we see the history of America through their eyes. Their romances, their marriages. The kids they have. The kids they choose not to it's really -- you know, it's juicy and it's fun. You'll turn those pages on the beach and you'll get sand everywhere. Oh! Yes, sand in the pages. Sand in the pages. Oh, okay. Sand in the pages. Sand in the pages. Sand in the pages. You've been giving us these great summer reads. You're from philly. You like football. You're a big football -- Well, I need your help. I have to come clean. We won the super bowl, right, and people -- yes, we did. Eagles. One guy Brad from philly is clapping. People in Philadelphia have the special play tattooed on them. It's a thing. I don't understand football. I don't understand any of that. Can you help me? Can you do something? I got you. You got me? I got a book for your summer reading. Hot, steamy. Zbloo steamy, sand. Oh, my gosh. "Astroturf: The complete history." Lay on the beach and reading that you'll be up to date on the football season. Better than sex, guys, better than sex. Thank you so much. Thank you, guys. This 'S wonderful. All right, make sure you start with Jennifer's book "Mrs. Everything," which is out tomorrow. Out tomorrow. Work your way down the list. Up next, the cast of

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Author Jennifer Weiner talks about her new book \"Mrs. Everything.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63608893","title":"The hottest summer books you need to read","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/hottest-summer-books-read-63608893"}