Why Joe Manganiello didn't want to work with wife Sofia Vergara

The star of "Bottom of the 9th" explains why he didn't want to mix business and family.
6:48 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Why Joe Manganiello didn't want to work with wife Sofia Vergara
Our next guest has starred a as a hunky stripper, steamy werewolf and now you can catch him as a bad-boy baseball player making amends in the new movie "Bottom of the 9th." Please welcome Joe Manganiello. Hello, everybody. Hey, what's happening? Hey, man. How are you? Hi. Hi. Now, you know -- Do you ever -- do you ever get used to it? I'm awake. No, I don't. So, thanks. I'm awake now. We did the face pp on you so I have to take a quick look at this transformation. Exactly. All right. You know, some people look anyways. How have you been? I've been great. Thank you Awesome. Now you posted pictures online from vacation in a place that I have never been, you've gone to Italy. How was it? Well, I love it. Those are my people. So you're Italian. Of course you are. Manganiello. When I'm in Italy, no one ever mispronounces my name. It's just a beautiful name. It comes from the amalfi coast region. My last name, the last name Manganiello is like a Billy club people, you know, cops beat people up. When they look at my hotel reservation, Mr. Manganiello, they laugh, because they know. Oh, yes, yes. Manganiello! Are you one of those celebrities that hangs out with George Clooney when you go to Italy? I think he has a house in lake como. My wife and I like the ocean. Positano and ravello which is up in the mountains, but overlooking the ocean. Capri. Speaking of your wife, Sofia Vergara. This movie you did is very special, this is the first time you worked with your wife on film, how was that process? Did she have to audition for you and how was that audition? On our first date -- no. No, seriously. She got the role. And no, she's amazing. I had the script for years. Okay. Prior to us even going out. So this was a script and a story that I really wanted to tell and so I brought my brother in who's my producing partner. We about trying the figure out how to put this independent film together. Then, my wife and I wanted to do it together but not work together. Really? Because we like each other. You never know what the dynamic is. We're protective of our private life. When you work in this industry you open your marriage up to certain public scrutiny that we didn't want to go through. There was a big debate about that. She was having trouble finding a script or a movie. When I read the script originally, I actually thought of her for it. Oh, wow. I said, look, I have this script. I'll leave it by the side of the bed. You read it, if you respond, we'll go from there. She really loved it. So, we'll figure it out. It was a pleasure. It was like the best. Will do you it again. I'd love to. Going on this set and you guys checking each other's professionalism, how was it? We're both pros. Like, we don't mess around. Neither one of us. It was a real pleasure to work with her in that respect. I'll tell you the weirdest thing about it, though, so I kissed my wife in this film. I kiss her. We kiss in the movie. Breaking news! But I do it in character. The character I play is a 19-year-old kid who was a baseball phenom, who grew up in the bronx, in the shadow of Yankee stadium, and gets drafted by the Yankees. He's out with his friends from the neighborhood one night and they get in a fight and he accidentally hits another kid and the kid falls and smacks his head and he dies. He gets nine years in prison and then he get another nine years tacked on for staying alive. He gets out 18 years later and returns to the bronx, missed his mother's funeral, missed baseball with the Yankees, and he winds up bumping into the girl whose heart he broke at 19. Which is my wife. A great story. My character hasn't seen her in forever. He has to try to apologize to her for what he did. Tell me, was your kiss to her in the movie different from in real life? Yes, yes. That's the weird thing for me to watch. I'm kissing my wife in character. Not me. That's cool. Which is weird. It's weird while you're doing it and then it's weird to watch it. It's like, it's strange. I need to find a husband to figure out what that feels like. We just did a quick little version of superfan versus superstar. Okay, when is your wife's where we'll ask questions about your wife. Okay, when is your wife's birthday? July 10th. We just had it in Italy. She's a cancer. She's the opposite of me. I'm a capricorn. That's a perfect match. She knows all this stuff. That's a perfect match. Sofia made her Broadway debut in? "Chicago." Okay. One more. Sofia appeared in a movie with a man she had a childhood crush on, name that hunk? You're asking me who my wife had a childhood crush on -- I don't know it. There you go. It's someone, Jon bon jovi. Oh, is that right? Who doesn't like Jon bon jovi. I may be heading to new Jersey after this show. Before with go, I know you're good friends with Michael. I'm sad that Michael isn't here. Would you mind saying a quick few words. Michael, I'm disappointed you're not here. And you're not in the gold lame phone.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"The star of \"Bottom of the 9th\" explains why he didn't want to mix business and family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64394206","title":"Why Joe Manganiello didn't want to work with wife Sofia Vergara","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/joe-manganiello-work-wife-sofia-vergara-64394206"}