Margaret Atwood talks about her new book 'The Testaments'

The “Handmaids Tale” author compares the events in the book to what happens in real life.
6:10 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Margaret Atwood talks about her new book 'The Testaments'
You are legends and a literary world of course the author of the best selling book the hand me its tail. And it tells of the near future patriarch we'll society called Gilead. In which the rights of women have been virtually erased the handmade are women forced to give birth to the babies of the ruling class and you release it in 1985. And I read that the events in the book came from actual real life events. Everything. Everything everything well I didn't want people saying here is certainly a twisted weird person you. So instead I wanted to be able to say I'm I made nothing. I just relocated. The two Cambridge Massachusetts. Where they were not. Please and first wealth but where where where are women being forced to have children. Which century would you like to him yeah we've sentry would you like to visit which country would you like those that. Which state in the United States would you know like to visit which was in the sixth when Michael. Any any time before. Rovers this way likes so and and know since there are rolling back those rights and diminishing them so much. You're approaching him with stage in which women are essentially being conscription. Or draft and the way you would be can scripted or drafted into the army. And my view on this if you want to do this if you want the state to claim ownership of women's bodies nation. So if somebody is drafted into the army they get there food they're launching their clothing their medical. All of that covered so if you wonder about two women you should pay for it don't you agree. Something's got to be done something some remuneration fearful us to give birth to some child you don't will I was sale or incineration. And plus some people say they should pay women for just how spark that we all dale went raising children cleaning house everything else we don't we don't get paid at times a bat. And well I think it's a little bit different when it's your entire body that's being taken over them. Well I've recently in this country and didn't other places around the world we've seen attempts to severely limit people's rights as you've just mentioned. In your view. Do you think we're moving towards Gilliam. Some places. Bird and some places are moving in the other direction Princeton's Ireland just took a step of the way government. So you have countries where women have never had those rights. You have other countries where they've had them and they're being taken away. And what you can say a vote every totalitarian government what ever their reason of being they say they have. Whatever their ideology. One thing they always do is roll back women's rights act every single one of them but. So it is it is a symptom and also a result. Of going further towards an autocratic authoritarian totalitarian government. So I. I watched every episode of hand maid's tale and an of course you wrote the book that content created that it's on Hulu. It is a very very dark. Show how much of it is I watch it actually been to Washington when I was pregnant which is probably not the time to do that's a good but I did and I have to say as as hard as it is to watch and some of these scenes. I eight. I felt very and powered I felt even more motivated as a woman. To want to fight for work. Our rights as women and to be treated equally in all those things and it's funny because when you want to that's not what I thought I would take away from it but had sort of reverse effect on me if set. A surprised by that because it's now being used at an and a lot of ways as you talk about Sonny for people to it to speak out morning. Yes that's it's become a burying his full. Visual symbol. Started in taxes. So is Texas women who wanted to go into the Texas legislature. Worries on line of men in dark suit. Making laws about women's bodies. So they dress down. And they just sat modestly so they could into being thrown out for creating a disturbance and they couldn't be thrown out for dressing in mindlessly because if a complaint. Covered up. But but everyone looking up and knew what they mount and that has gone around the world. Because a symbol. Of protest against. Women's bodies being controlled by people who aren't them. Well a jury. You plug. And they gobble is called the testament and it picks up. Where he meets tell ends what can you tell us about this new book and connecting telling about this new book that. Green is the new road you know I'm certain it's green and the new red you include some of them is a that was a frivolous reply to them and so did its sixteen. Fifteen to sixteen years. Later than the end amendments tale. And we have of serene different female mariners'. Two of them are young women one of us has grown up within the daily she's never known anything else she initially can't reader right. Because women are not allowed to do about. And the second one has grown up in a society like ours that happens to dean look located in Canada. The place where people escaped to and things go pear shaped in the United States they've done it before and they're doing and now. So there they are these two young women who unbeknownst to themselves have a connection. And the third woman is an older woman of foundational memorabilia and we've seen her before and the gunman's talent and her name is Libya. Yeah and Lydia is still already and I yeah. Isn't worried you know rendering and you cannot kill Liddy no I'm not municipal million. It's over.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"The “Handmaids Tale” author compares the events in the book to what happens in real life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65752309","title":"Margaret Atwood talks about her new book 'The Testaments'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/margaret-atwood-talks-book-testaments-65752309"}