Master P and Romeo's message to Zion Williamson

The father-son team pitch the No. 1 NBA draft pick on why he should sign with them.
5:24 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Master P and Romeo's message to Zion Williamson
smash hits make them say, I got the hook up and my baby, this father and son have cemented their family legacy in the music industry forever. Please welcome master P and Meo! What's up? How you doing? Hi. Hello. How are you doing? Okay, we're all on this couch. Good to see you. We go way back with Romeo -- Way back. Since we were kids. Romeo did nickelodeon and I did nickelodeon. It's good to see you. Has she always been like this? She's always been amazing. Actually, you I used to take naps on her shoulder. Romeo don't remember this, I was dating a certain woman with a beautiful young daughters, and Romeo ran by the house, trying to take his shirt off -- What? You didn't put those clothes on around go back around the corner to your house. You guys have such a unique dynamic for a father and son. You're like an empire -- music, movies, TV, clothing lines. Is there ever competition, a healthy competition between you two? Like, maybe he's getting too good? I mean, he's the next leading man in Hollywood and my thing is, as a father you want your son to do well. It's not competition. You know, it's just motivation. I keep pushing me. He push me. I think that us coming from poverty to making our own films, doing our movies, this is incredible. We're about building a generation of wealth. And education is important. Amen. You guys have two totally different upbringings. By the grace of god, you were able to give your kids what you didn't have. Did you ever feel like, I'm in my dad's shadow? You know what, honestly, I never had that problem because I grew up very close with my dad. I'm the oldest. Lot of cousins -- lot of people -- You saw the transition. I saw the transition. Who had to hide because they thought it was a drive-by. Even though I was on nickelodeon, I still seen both sides. My dad always brought me back, he'd say, I don't know how much success you get you have to come back and give to the community. I take my hat off. A great example. From the beginning to now, I watch you two, the shades on, man, I just don't want us to feel left out. Let's get to it. All right. All right. Okay, okay. I want to point something out -- did you know that -- did you know that both you and master P were athletes? Yeah. He's a great basketball player. He sure is. You signed a few contract with a few teams. Toronto raptors and the Charlotte hornets. Are you getting a ring, man? I was there with Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady was there. It's great to see, man, Canada finally get a championship. Absolutely. I love it. Shout-out to Demarcus derozan, he helped the team. He doesn't get credit. Great player, great guy. Speaking of basketball, we know that you guys in New Orleans, you put New Orleans on the map. And Zion Williamson, duke, could be the first -- he could be the first pick in the draft to the pelicans. And I know you have moneyatti. You have shoes. How great would it be for him to sign a shoe contract with you? That would be great -- Hold on, y'all. What? We're going to give you a chance -- Moneyatti shoes. Oh. Who wouldn't want to sign with us? Look right there. Off the court. Over there. Over there. Over there. This is for him. You sell Zion on why you sign with you guys. Zion, you want to fly? You want to touch the sky? Feel like you're in a bugatti? Rock moneyatti. And we also do a celebrity basketball game on July 6th in New Orleans. Essence week. We've been doing -- the sixth is the game in new Orleans, during essence week. Zion come out and play, man, come out and support for a great cause. This is for scholarships for inner-city kids. For inner-city kids. I'm trying to get him on our team. We got to get you on our team, too. A lifetime pair of moneyatti. Lifetime? Yes. Made in Italy, high fashion. A little birdie told me you

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"The father-son team pitch the No. 1 NBA draft pick on why he should sign with them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63764337","title":"Master P and Romeo's message to Zion Williamson","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/master-romeos-message-zion-williamson-63764337"}