Sara Gilbert's love triangle

The "Conners" star talks about her kids, her early life on set and the latest twist to her TV character.
6:00 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Sara Gilbert's love triangle
I don't know if you're Ben or what you're doing. You're not coming straight home from work. I'm not allowed to have a personal life? I remember when I was a kid you go straight from work to the low Bo lounge. You would have a beer. You would say there's my girls. D.J. Would start crying and then you went to the garage. Hey, I worked my ass off day and night to support this family. I was always there when it counted. You need to get your head in the game and raise your kids. I already raised mine. Did you though? I'm pretty sure it was mom that raised us. No. If we're going to be honest, the TV did. Please welcome Sara Gilbert. What's up? You hungry? I saw cake backstage that said Sara. I thought it was for me. I think it's yours, so happy birthday. Did you eat half of the piece before you brought it out? You know, I figured you guys share here. Sharing is caring. We just had the "Bachelor in paradise" folks out here. Hence our tiki bar. Are you a fan of "The bachelor"? I am. I missed this past season. I'm a sucker for the romance. I draw the line at "Bachelor in paradise." I used to draw that line too, but then I erased it. I hopped right in. It's like addictive. For me I have to believe they're going to get married and live together forever and be happy, even though it's a ridiculous fantasy. I like it. It's fun to think of that. How would you be on the show? I would be terrible. I would fall in love in the first second. I would just say I choose you. The show would be over. Then you would move in together and live happily ever after. Exactly. Kids and all. Speaking of kids, you have three. 14, 12 and 4. Yeah. You got your hands full. I'm curious for you. How is it having teenagers? My teenager, he's more kind of a rule follower than I am. Both of my older kids are really -- I shouldn't say it -- easy. They'll say to me like you're breaking the rule, mom. They're more like abiding by -- They're keeping you in line. They were raised right. Someone did a great job. That TV was amazing. You don't want to proclaim it on national television. Proclaim. That's what we do here. Let's cut to a year from now. I'll say why did I say that on that show? Do they ever come visit you at work? When I used to do "The talk," they would say what's the giveaways today? There are always good giveaways there. Now on "The Conners" they'll say they're visiting me, but they're just running around with the kid actors all around the set. I'm not the highlight when they come see me at work. His daughters come to visit us and watch Wendy in the back. It's true. One was visiting and I asked where she was, they were like she's in the back watching Wendy. Michael can feel your pain. It's fine. Okay. On "The Conners" your character Darlene is in a love triangle. Is that fun to play? Have you ever been in one in real life? It's very bachelor like. I'll answer the first question. It's a little stressful to play. You have this feeling like you're going to get caught. We did one scene where I had to kiss Johnny Galecki, but then I had to kiss Jay Ferguson's character Ben. I'm running out. I see Johnny again and I have to ki him. You have to do it in real life. I'm kissing this one, this one and this one. I feel guilty. Then I feel like I have their DNA. It's weird. I think you're really going to like "Bachelor in paradise." Exactly. I wonder -- it's a very unique situation for you. You play a parent on a set where you played a kid years ago. I'm just curious how are the kids who are on the show now compared to how you behaved? The kids now are so well behaved. We were a mess. Really? We were stealing golf carts on the lot. We were making out in dressing rooms. Come on. We were kind of -- within a range. We weren't getting arrested. Innocent trouble. Yeah, innocent trouble. I used to steal the golf cart too. Maybe these kids are. Ames who plays my son, they'll say it's time for school and I always think like school bummer. He's like I get to go to school now! I hated the school part. What's wrong with you? The amazing thing is it's such a fantastic show. I'm glad. I know you brought it back. You're the one who brought it back. Thankful for that. "The Conners" returns for its second season on Tuesday at 8:00

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"The \"Conners\" star talks about her kids, her early life on set and the latest twist to her TV character.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65697121","title":"Sara Gilbert's love triangle ","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/sara-gilberts-love-triangle-65697121"}