Sara's awkward J. Lo moment

This isn't the first time Sara's come between two famous singers.
4:59 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Sara's awkward J. Lo moment
Fun stuff to talk about. Yesterday we had jlo here. Yes. Yes. She was everyone we needed her to be. Truly magical. There was a moment jlo and keke were connecting and I was what you would call maybe in the way. Yes! Oh, my god. If I told you how many times that's happened to me -- Oh, my gosh. I'm sitting here looking at them. I'm not looking at you until then. You were in a bad spot. All sorts of awkward. When I knew it got awkward for you, you were kind of like -- It was like "Teledaga nights." You went Axel rose on us. I do this a lot. You would think I would get better or more comfortable. It hasn't happened. There was this time between Bradley cooper and a lady. There I was. This problem I have goes way back. We actually have, I think, sonny and Cher. Now, Sara, that is funny. This is my favorite moment ever. Right here we've got Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. No! You know what the one plus here was, Janet was more uncomfortable than I was because that was right before nipple gate. It was a one time I was not the most embarrassed person in a shot. Those are great. Have you ever had anything like that happen? Awkward moments? Oh, yeah. I had a couple times where I put my foot in my mouth. That's a surprise. I was working with this guy and we're talking and I was talking about -- I forget how we got on the subject -- but talking about dating people. He was like one time I met a girl in a bar. I was like who finds dates in a bar? He was like it's my wife. I was like wonderful place to meet her. Literally -- one time, my most embarrassing moment, I was doing the show "Star." You guys know the actor Benjamin Bratt. He was in "Miss congeniality." I walked up to him and said, oh, I loved you in "Come dance with me." Wrong actor. That wasn't him. Wrong actor. I was so embarrassed. You know what, I think the worst thing I ever did like this is I was at a -- we played the Tampa bay buccaneers. I don't want to say the team. You gave it away. One of the player's wife after the game you meet outside the buses with your family or friends that come tohe game. I know the guy well. I knew his wife well. I'm talking to her while he is still getting dressed. I was like when are you having the baby? I knew she was pregnant. She said I had the baby a few months ago. You know what I said -- I'm gonna be over here. Immediately I said, oh, I think the bus is leaving. I got to go. I cannot name this person. When I was a page at NBC -- so I was really young. I met a celebrity who has to remain nameless and I was sitting with his mom, or so I thought. It was his wife. No! I started to talk about how proud she must be of her little boy. Sara, I got to -- as soon as we get out of here I need to know who this was. Do you know who it is? I think I do. I'm not saying. Don't put the camera on me. It ain't my story. It's not my story. I'm so hot right now. It's so embarrassing when that happens. All you can do is say I'm sorry. You know what, I got on the bus. I got out of there. You know, at "Strahan, Sara & keke." #

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"This isn't the first time Sara's come between two famous singers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65598223","title":"Sara's awkward J. Lo moment","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/saras-awkward-lo-moment-65598223"}