Tory Johnson's spring accessories deals and steals

Adam Glassman from O Magazine is also here to share incredible deals on everything from super-soft robes to slip-on footwear.
5:11 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's spring accessories deals and steals
Tory Johnson is here and she brought along creative director of "O" magazine, one of our favorites, Adam glassman. As always we partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. What's up first, guys? Okay, we'll start with rain capers. This is a travel raincoat/travel cape. It's reversible. This is really ingenuous. . It has a hood. 18 different patterns. Lightweight. You can wear it over a coat or whatever you want to wear year round. It comes like this. It's supercute. Light. Throw it in your tote. Get one for your car. Because you never know when you're going to be stuck in the rain. That is true. And a really good price. Normally 65 there are to $70 regularly. Today they're slashed in half, they start at $32.50 and $35. And two favorite words on this one -- free shipping! Summer is here. Lot of sun protection. This is from coolibar. This stuff is great. It's accessories and clothing with spf 50. Which means it blocks out 80% of uva/uvb rays. Really ingenuous, men stuff for Michael. Women stuff, kids stuff. You name it, from tunics to even diaper covers. Diaper covers? Yeah. There you go. Really ingenuous. Moisture-wicking. It keeps you cool. And there's a huge assortment online. More important than anything we have here. Normally, $14 to $129, because we have a big, big assortment. Today, it's slashed in half, everything starts at $7. Which is amazing. And you'll be supersafe wearing this. This is so much easier than keeping lotions on kids. Absolutely, absolutely. Yes. This is the marshmallow robe from softies. Feel it. We love softies. Wearing this robe is like having a hug all day long. You'll lounge in this robe. I love this. You'll be wearing this after the baby. You'll want to wear this. It's supersoft. We have featured them in the magazine numerous times. They've been a favorite thing. Oprah loves these because they just feel so good. And you guys will like the price. Normally, $109. Today, it's slashed by 57%. $46. Wow. You can live in that. Adam, tell them about this. Designed by Oprah's longtime manicurist, Gloria Williams, these are foot creams. You put this on, it has Shea butter. It has cocoa better and isn't it amazing essential oils. And moisturizers without you feeling greasy. Oh, I love that. I'm telling you, you can put this on your feet overnight. Put on a pair of socks. Wake up. I like the smell. Really? Yes. There's a foot nanny man one, too. Normally $48. Today they're slashed in half, $24 and -- Free shipping! You got it. Once you have soft feet, you'll walk on clouds with bioni can, a shoes. They weigh nothing. Slip-resistant. It feels like that. You slip them on. Because that's the hot trend right now, the slip-on sneaker, or the walking sandal which every woman loves because it has a wonderful arch support and heel support. Feel it, very light. Normally, $90 to $120, these are leather. But today -- they're cute, right -- they're slashed in half, $45 to $60. Totally great. Finally, for makeup junkies these are the rolls-royce of makeup brushes. Totally gorgeous. They have different ones for different parts of the face. For precision. For precision. Tightly packed fibers. These are the best brushes out there. Look at how beautiful they are. I know, you keep doing this. Isn't this gorgeous? Oprah gave these to all her girlfriends for Christmas. We're crazy for these brushes. They're ergonomically correct. They feel good in your hand. And depending on what you choose, $18.50 to $185. Not today, they're all slashed in half, $9.25 and we'll end with our two favorite words -- . All: Free shipping! Oprah gave these girlfriends -- Oprah, I need some of these, too, you know what I'm saying'. This is awesome. Adam, thank you so much. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Our audience is all going home with products from coolibar, Artis, footnanny and a copy of Oprah magazine. Coming up next -- can a

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Adam Glassman from O Magazine is also here to share incredible deals on everything from super-soft robes to slip-on footwear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63179586","title":"Tory Johnson's spring accessories deals and steals","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/tory-johnsons-spring-accessories-deals-steals-63179586"}