Why this art teacher is wearing the same dress every day for 100 days

A middle school art teacher is trying to send a message to her students and community that the clothes on your back don't define you.
4:37 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for Why this art teacher is wearing the same dress every day for 100 days
been wearing the same outfit for the last 100 days? I would question you. Well, there's a middle school teacher who is on a mission to do just that. She's been wearing the same dress since September 3rd. Now she is on day 56 hoping to start a movement and a conversation. We're going to speak to her in a moment but first take a look at her story. All right, are we ready? Reporter: Julia Mooney teach what is she preaches. Today it's all about sustainability. We're going to give them to the food bank and the food bank with use these during the holidays. Reporter: The 34-year-old middle school art teacher has been wearing this gray button down dress every day since September. Honestly I thought that she was dared to do it and that she was like trying to do it to like win a bet. Reporter: After a couple of days her students noticed. We were a little bit concerned if she was washing it or if she wasn't. Reporter: Mooney's project is called one outfit, 100 days and has caught attention around the nation including her husband Patrick, a history teacher in the high school who also joined in. I don't think the kids really believed that I was doing it. They started with the jokes of, is that a new shirt, Mr. Mooney? Which I took in good humor. Reporter: Her goal is to raise awareness and promote sustainable fashion. Buying fewer but better made pieces of clothing and wearing them more often. She paid $50 for her dress. Made of durable hemphill-mapps. And when her 100 days are up, the cost comes to 50 cents a day. I'm really proud of her for doing this. I think it's pretty amazing. She's really made a lot of people think about the choices that they make in fashion. We're here with Julia and her famous dress. Hey, Julia. How are you doing? We have to start by asking what is the first question that people ask you when they hear what you're doing? Everybody wants to know, do I wash it? And, yes, yes, I do wash it. It's a clean dress. You did this -- you came up with this idea just before starting at a new school. Yeah. You did not tell colleagues about it. No. So two-parter here. How did they find out and what was their reaction. Yeah, I think since it was a new building people didn't know me. They noticed and some of my early friends kind of said, oh, yeah, they're asking about you, but nobody really wanted to say anything to me I think because I mean they just didn't want to be rude. Totally understandable. What is the message you're trying to teach your students and teach everyone about this? I think we should just -- it's a good reminder we should not let clothes define us should define ourselves based on more meaningful things and things of substance, the things that we do. That is so true. There was one student who actually took on your challenge but their outfit wasn't necessarily good for the winter. Yeah, I mean I guess that can happen. I think if you're going to choose to do the challenge as we're calling it you should definitely pick something that's versatile and put some thought into it. You're accessorizing it and your game sup. You can wear this in a lot of different ways which you've shown us all. I love students are getting into it. In fact, we have one. Hello, Sofia. Sofia was moved by your message. So is her mom. Hi, Anna. Tell us a little bit about Sofia. How she found out. Well, we were reading a current event article and at the end of it Sofia read about the teacher and the dress and about sustainability and said, mom, I'm going to wear my dress, my happy dress, she calls it for 100 days. I said, up H, how about just a week? That's a long time. And she said, no, mom, 100 days and that's how it started. How is it going, Sofia. Good. Yeah. You really -- this works for you, right? Uh-huh. Yeah? I tell you what, it makes us happy to see you in your happy dress. How about that? Sure does. We're glad you're here. Yes, we are so glad you're here. Thank you both and you know what, if somebody is out there and want to do it, any quick advice for them? I think it's just important to remember that we can't do everything and if you just do one thing that you believe in, you can make a difference even one person can. You're doing just that. Really appreciate it. Thank you for coming. Absolutely. I think maybe 100 days in this suit. We'll find out but we'll be right back. You heard it here. Thank you, Julia. Alright, everyone. Santa will be right back, but I just got to say,

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"A middle school art teacher is trying to send a message to her students and community that the clothes on your back don't define you.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59646515","title":"Why this art teacher is wearing the same dress every day for 100 days","url":"/GMA/Style/video/art-teacher-wearing-dress-day-100-days-59646515"}