Look inside the glamorous unofficial gift bags for top nominees

Whether they win or lose at the 2019 Oscars, every nominee in the acting and directing categories will go home a winner.
4:29 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Look inside the glamorous unofficial gift bags for top nominees
Hi guys. Today we are going to un boxing ever and the winds nominee is get Agnes in the unofficially get back all the nominees from the Oscars are getting. Okay okay. This is a powerful threaten oil. And if you put this on your face like after you wash your. Face and onions and and you'll be kind of looking like a record. Expertise in building an Oscar for thing we got a Getty over here he literally hot coffee. I like thinking academy begins shampoo and conditioner and of a blowout spring crunch conditioner. And then. But then things this. This looks pretty heavy in effect of actually being done Phillips oral care at there. Cleaner mouth you. Okay so it was what we have a lot of street here and they identify them. That people for adults 55. Sam Elliott the area of wheat and lemonade live airing. Okay this is pretty past five YB enabling. Thanks I was like we got some nice luncheon with wit there when he went oh. What's one thing I actually every yes I think what we've done there way. There and it and about. Here again to be the perfect thing Canada's as a team about that treatment. I think that that's the trend I don't know what that says but it looks like a line for potter who know it for them but. Isn't clear but I. I thought of the space so this month to. List your five union to go to the doctor and adding it would be and try but I don't know that actual facts. Boxes going down day approaching for it so it's like to stay healthy definitely. Oh. If you empathy. But look like a rose and actually an instant repeats itself I would need and don't lash. House type. Crystal also. Well I'm Mary a crystal problem laps from through it needs and aides better evidence oh at supple. I honestly. The east and you get these at the store at the time. So this is fragrance sentencing silence this pain every. We'll. Not a brush your teeth not knotty prettier. With the explaining and I wondered binoculars. Might want them happy applying them if you experience has made in Canada facial oil. And Canada's official points and it's unisex unisex hair reduced emotion are you here. Why I'll wait was it hair reducing most. I wanted to five. I would expect that and I'll get back assorted taco lives five's could go to and this is. Oxygen dating foundation and from oxygen addicts okay fast take about bail location after procedure. Area LA. I don't know I would Wear them they're pretty cute you but it won't hear him and a turning. So. These are all the products included in the get back but they're also experienced it and apparently everything together during an estimated that. First we have the building. Went through. Seven night stay. Yeah it's worth almost 2000 dollars so you get a private room with a patio and healthy food choices than a fitness program customs. Think the last Aaron. Oh here's another way so the act Abbott's in the luxury villas are okay but this isn't what's them and their dvd experience. Holtzman unique experience. Discover your world international expeditions. Disconnect from the paparazzi and recharge yourself you know world's wild. As regions of your choice. And what I expect that anything access Patrick and I was street and back. A second take me. And the Austrian as they fail to follow me. Literally just there. I.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Whether they win or lose at the 2019 Oscars, every nominee in the acting and directing categories will go home a winner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61248021","title":"Look inside the glamorous unofficial gift bags for top nominees","url":"/GMA/Style/video/inside-glamorous-unofficial-gift-bags-top-nominees-61248021"}