Meet the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue's 2018 cover model

Danielle Herrington, 24, is the third African-American model in the magazine's decades-long history to grace the cover of the annual swimsuit issue.
4:42 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for Meet the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue's 2018 cover model
Now to our "Gma" cover story. All about the woman gracing the new cover of "Sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. Model Danielle Herrington is here for her first interview since the big reveal before we chat, though, here's a look at the woman joining the exclusive club. ??? the "Sports illustrated" swimsuit issue, the cover every model wants. In the last five decades Kate Upton, Ashley graham, Heidi Klum, elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley snagging that top spot. And on full display this year, the conversation about body positivity with a series of nude photos titled in her own words shot by an all female crew, the models having complete creative control. And just this morning, the magazine introducing this year's cover model Danielle Herrington. She is the third black woman ever to grace the cover, following in the footsteps of Tyra banks and Beyonce. After debuting in the magazine just last year, the California born model turned cover girl is here live right now. Let's not wait any longer, Danielle Herrington, come on out. Come on out, Danielle. ??? There's nothing wrong with being confident ??? Have a seat. You have to be excited. Oh, I am over the moon. Excited and relieved that this is finally out now. Yes. So what was your reaction when you found out that you were going to be on the cover and what was your family's reaction when you told them? It was -- I mean, I was in tears. I was bawling, I worked so hard for this and put in so much work and to see like my dreams pay off, I mean my hard work pay off and, you know, I reached my dreams so it's -- But it's an amazing thing, you're the third African-American woman to ever grace the covers of "Sports illustrated." Yes. You had Tyra banks in '97, Beyonce in '07 now Danielle Herrington. How does that make you feel to join that club. I mean, it's Beyonce anti-ra banks like, come on, like I am so happy to follow in their footsteps and, you know, to be the third one is just amazing and I'm so like overwhelmed by it and, you know, I just can't wait to like be a business woman like them so -- That they are, they're great business women. Tyra banks was the inspiration for you to become a mod sfll yes, she's how I found out about "Sports illustrated." I remember watching on Tyra -- on "The Tyra banks show." She said she was the first black woman to cover "Sports illustrated" swimsuit so I just always aspired to be like her and follow in her footsteps. You've done it and we reached out to Tyra actually. She has a little message for you. Oh. Really? She's here right now. Hi, Danielle. Do you really understand what is going down right now? Do you really understand how your life is going to change? So many little girls are looking at you and saying, oh, my gosh, that could be me one day. There are so many people telling little girls that look like us that we're not good and thee want can achieve our goals but by them looking at me back in the day and them looking at you now, you are the living embodiment to say that dreams do come true. Wow! She was talking to you and I got a little choked up by that. Yeah. How does that make you feel to see Tyra send you that message. It makes me feel amazing, like she is my idolnd she, you know, she was the one I looked up to so for me to be the one that little girls in the next generation is going to look up to is just really inspiring. This is just the first step of many. What's next? I mean, I can't even tell you. I didn't even -- this was such a surprise. I'm just going to take in this moment and be present in the moment because this is like still like I'm emotional like it's heavy. It is very heavy and I got to say you're handling it well. You should be excited. I love when someone comes here and they're excited about something. This is a big day. We're all happy for you. We're all excited for you and, you know, enjoy the ride. Thank you. Enjoy it. Congratulations and this issue is online now at and it hits newsstands nationwide tomorrow, Danielle Herrington, everybody.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Danielle Herrington, 24, is the third African-American model in the magazine's decades-long history to grace the cover of the annual swimsuit issue. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53034404","title":"Meet the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue's 2018 cover model","url":"/GMA/Style/video/meet-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issues-2018-cover-model-53034404"}