Runway to real-life: How to shop for coats this fall

"GMA" fashion contributor Jessica Mulroney shows how to find fashion-forward fall and winter coats without breaking the bank.
9:04 | 11/05/18

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Transcript for Runway to real-life: How to shop for coats this fall
Just a wonderful audience that we have with us on this Monday morning, and you are in for a treat because here is our "Gma" style contributor, Jessica Mulroney. She is helping us bring the runway to real life with trendy fall coats for a lower price. This is my bff. We are the same. We are the same. We love the same things. I don't know if you know, I'm from Canada. Yay. So I basically live in coats eight to nine months of the year so I'm very familiar with this topic. What's hot this year? There are a lot of great trends, but first of all, we have to talk about this. Trends are fads. They do not last very long, so we don't want to invest in them. We want to be able to fashionable without, you know, paying the heavy runway price tag. Yes. Thank you for that. So what I did was I went shopping for you and I went to find the deals. The runway look without the runway price tag. That's what I did. I found them. I think you're going to like them. I know you like deals too. I love deals. There is one I'm going to like. I'll let you pick it out. The teddy coat. That's a pretty penny right there. It's a beautiful coat, but that is about $10,000. Oh. Yikes. $10,000. $10,000 for a coat, but it's really beautiful and, you know, the teddy trend is a great trend. We're seeing it everywhere. It's a cozy, cuddly coat. It better be. Think about a teddy bear that's hugging you throughout the winter. That's the teddy coat trend, but I think I found something very similar for a little bit less. Let's bring our Kay, our first model. Oh. Okay. So I think I found -- so this is the Moto trend of the teddy look, and this one is from asos and I think it looks pretty similar. What do you think? I think it does. As opposed to $10,000, this one is $111. I love it. All right, Kay. Thank you very much. Okay. The next look we're going to bring up on the wall so we can take a look, that is a trench coat. Yes. So now -- okay? So it's not just cat woman that can wear it. It's all over the cat walks. This new leather is a vinyl leather. It's very sexy, and very trendy. You can't wear it all the time, so you shouldn't be spending too much on it. I found this version by Hilary Mcmillan for $133. As opposed to? As opposed to this one which was $7,400, and I feel like you could rock this trend. I want to see them all. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Okay. What look is this? So finally, it's cool to look comfortable. In the puffy coat? It's cool to be warm in the winter. It's amazing. The mom coat is now really trendy. The puffer is in. Yes. And it's in all different metallic tones, so golds and silvers and any color with a sheen, it's huge in all the puffers. So this one we found on the runway, and it costs about $4,000. That's insane. I know, right? Right. I think I did better. Bring out the real life one here. She knows it. This one -- so this one I found at old Navy for $45. I love it. I love it. Okay. She is going to be your bff too. Not compromising with your looks. And it's gold and it's gorgeous and it will keep you warm all winter long like, I don't know. This is the one to get. This is the one to get. This is the fun game. Yes. How about a little bit of a futuristic type of -- what is this? What is this? I'm trying to -- Do you remember the '90s? I remember the '90s really well. This is a major '90s trends that has come back. I'm kind of excited about it. It's the transparent raincoat. Oh. Yeah. You don't have to hide your outfit under a dark coat anymore. You can show it off underneath your coat. So this one is also runway, $1,500. How can that be? This isn't something that is going to last too long, so I wouldn't invest too much in this trend. I'll show you what I found. Also, bring her on out. They are the same, right? What do you think? So this one is from top shop, and it's $100. $100. Yeah. Okay. It's fun. Perfect. It's a fun trend. You don't want to spend too much on it. What do you think about this one? It's a trend, and it's not going to last too long. I love it. Alison, you look great in it. I love it. You have got a great outfit understood beneath, and the coat hides it. You want to show it off. Exactly. There we go. Finding that silver lining. Jess, what is this right here? Okay. So you are seeing a lot of sheerling this year. Lots of shearling, especially in the Moto trend, and it's edgy and very cool. We don't always dress edgy and cool every day, so it's not something we want to put all our money towards. How much is this? This one is about $3,500. Okay. It can be expensive, shearling. I found you, I think, a pretty good version. Let's see. So this is a faux shear lirngs but I think it looks and it almost feels the same and it will keep you just as warm is it's $129 from ZARA. I like that. You like it? All right. A couple more that we want to get to. Thank you very much. This one is good. Thank you have, very much. This look -- that's a classic. It makes me think of my grandma and mom. Leopard. Isn't that when you used to play in your grandma's closet? It's an updated version of that. The faux leopard. I love faux leopard because I find leopard is neutral. Try to find a color it doesn't go with. Oh. Sorry. It's a neutral. How much is that? Let's just say it's very, very, very, very expensive. You think about that and it's so expensive. So I found a better version. Come on it. Much better. How cute is this? That's adorable. It's so cute right? This one is from boohoo and it costs $65. There you go. Thank you, Hannah, very much. And last but not least. This is like a men's look a little bit, right? We're seeing the men-inspired trends. The plaid coats and big over the top shoulders, double breasted, single breasted. It's the power coat. Again, we won't be seeing this shape for too long so we don't want to invest this one. It's by urdam. It's gorgeous. It is. It's many, many thousands of dollars. Many, many, many. But you found it for real life for us. I did. I love this one. And so this is a great one. You will get a lot of wear out of this for sure. It will go for, you know, you can wear it to work or out. This one is by topshop and it's $150. Wow. Yeah. I like it with the boots too. Are you cold? You don't hate that look. Nicole, thank you very much. You will see all of these fashions and this is what we love about you, Jess. Everyone loves fashion and that, but we cannot break our bank with it. Especially for a trend that's going to go out of style so soon. Absolutely. You will be saving money while shopping. Which one did you have picked out for me? Well, I have to be honest. I really think that you could rock that leather trench. I really do. Oh. I really do, but if you don't like that one, I feel like the Moto coat. I like the biker look. Yeah. Thank you, ladies. Thank you ladies, one and all. We're go continue to have so much fun with you. Thank you for your energy, your spirit.

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