ABC’s Bob Woodruff and his son, Mack, talk about their adventures with NatGeo

The father-son duo went to the ends of the Earth in a new National Geographic show, “Rogue Trip,” on Disney+.
4:21 | 07/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC’s Bob Woodruff and his son, Mack, talk about their adventures with NatGeo
We hear parents say all the time they would travel to the ends of the Earth for their children, but one dad, a friend of ours who we know all too well went off to the ends of the Earth with his son and now ABC news veteran Bob woodruff and his son Mack are sharing their adventures together in national geographic's "Rogue trip" on Disney plus joining us both now. Guy, hi. Good morning to you. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Doing well. Thanks. You went all over the world for this show. I understand now you were both in quarantine together. How is it working out? Well, actually our quarantine has been pretty interesting. I was in Australia for most of it and I just moved home to be back with this guy last week. I'm stuck with him now. That's all right. He's okay. You'll keep him around for awhile it sounds like. We'll show everybody a clip of this and, Mack, in it you're talking about your dad's near-death experience which, of course, we all remember all too well. You talk about how it really changed your life. Let's take a watch. I think our expectations keep us from doing a lot of things in this life. Then my dad somehow getting hit by a bomb and basically dying has not discouraged him in the slightest from seeing this world, from finding beautiful people, from seeking out beautiful places regardless of where they are. Oh, I love that because, Mackin K, your dad is such a special guy. We just all love him so much. Bob, you wanted not just viewers to learn by watching the show, you wanted to teach your son some stuff too. What did you want both sides to know. Mack has been watching his entire life, 29 years of watching, you know, me on TV and reporting overseas but I was always going to these countries that report about wars or something generally frightening and I just wanted him, one, to go see these countries and see places that are generally not reported all these years for me. These are special places with amazing people, amazing locations, I just wanted him to see that. Also did not want him to think it's always frightening where I went. Get rid of a little bit of that guilt as a parent going to places like this and see I was not always at risk and didn't want him to be afraid of traveling there himself. These countries can't be defined by one story and the media oftentimes shows the negative aspect because that's the news, but there are so many things and so many people to meet in these places are very, very worth going to. You're showing them in a personal way and have your son right there by your side. Mack, what was important for you? What did you want to show folks in the show? I think I wanted to show she's places from the younger generation's perspective too. The world has changed a lot since my dad was injured and even before that when he was reporting the news, so I think we both brought different things to the show. He brings obviously the reputation of being a very seasoned journalist and I brought a little bit more of a fresh take and I've been a photographer and cinematographer for awhile and also I think we had this lens of this father/son dynamic of exploring places new to both of us. My dad has been to three of the six countries before but had never done things in Lebanon like go paragliding or scuba diving or ride horses in Colombia. Things that were not part of his job description. Speaking of things you've done, what am I hearing about some kind of crocodile thing that brought out the competitive side between you two guys. We are very competitive. We always wanted to do something and beat the other one. Honestly because he's younger he beat me in almost everything. It was physical out there so the crocodile -- That too. In Papua New Guinea we searched for crocodiles with our bare feet which was completely insane idea but luckily we were with a bunch of experts. I was able to find the my dad not so much. He spent more time maybe drowning in the swamp. This is a lie. But it was an experience I'll never forget. You guys got all your fingers still? Let's see. You got all your fingers after that, going head-to-head with a crocodile. Congratulations on this project. Bob, it's great to see you. Mack, thank you so much. National geographic's "Rogue trip" issal virginiaable to stream this Friday on Disney Compassion is my passion

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The father-son duo went to the ends of the Earth in a new National Geographic show, “Rogue Trip,” on Disney+.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71938547","title":"ABC’s Bob Woodruff and his son, Mack, talk about their adventures with NatGeo","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/abcs-bob-woodruff-son-mack-talk-adventures-natgeo-71938547"}