Connecticut residents battle over the state's best pizza

A handful of restaurants are putting New Haven, Connecticut, on the map as a go-to destination for pizza.
4:14 | 06/08/21

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Transcript for Connecticut residents battle over the state's best pizza
shine" series. This morning we visit Connecticut, New Haven home to a heated bout over the best pizza and Lara is back with that. Hey, Lara. This is real. When people think about amazing pizza, they think New York or Chicago deep dish but, guy, you need to throw New Haven, Connecticut into the mix. Pizza is taken very seriously. Everyone has loyalty to one pie or another. This is real. We're talking about a nearly 100-year-old rivalry over who makes the best pizza. Abeats as they say. Ah-beets. It's all about the ah-beets. Sauce, Mootz, parmesan cheese that fill the air. Tourists from all over the world to get a slice of heaven from the self-proclaimed holy frank peppy's, Sally's and modern. Explosion of taste. I don't know how else to describe it. It's so good. The cheese was nice and bubbly and melted and had strings and everything. Frank Pepe was the first to put it on the map in 1925 and to this day it's all about the white clam pizza. It's just all the fresh ingredients of a fresh clam on a fresh pizza. Reporter: Then a new rival popped up just a block away on Worcester street and his very own nephew going head-to-head opening up Sally's, a direct competitor where sauce remains front and center. 80 years ago when he developed the recipe it work in concert with the oven. Coal fired, the magic oven. Reporter: In 1934 modern jumped into the fray. Intent on proving pizza wasn't just a family affair. Their pie called the Italian bomb exploding across the state. We're famous for the Italian bomb. Kind of like everything on it, three meats, three vegetables. If I was going to the electric chair tomorrow that's my final meal. Reporter: When the pandemic hit these places pivoted. We ran take-out. I'd have a line of 70 people standing outside and not wanting to get along and I would turn me into a bouncer. We doubled capacity on the Where our dining room was now in our parking lot and instead of numbered tables we had numbered parking spots. Reporter: And people kept ordering those pies. Community kicked in, you know, $20 tip wasn't uncommon on picking up one pizza. They would tip more than what the pizza cost and that helped everybody. That is a testament to our people. When you ask people about frank Pepe's, it's about our people. People make pizzas and we have passionate people that make them every day. What's crazy is that these three pizzerias, there's something powerful that I think shows pizza can last through anything. Good pizza will last forever. For me I think it's the best? We're not on solid foods just yet. I don't care what pieces make their claims this is New Haven, the original best pizza. I mean, being an investigative journalist I knew you would want to sample, explore some of our findings up close and personal we did send some ah-beets. The plain cheese is from frank Pepe's, the sauce pie, just classic tomato sauce, Romano cheese from Sally's, the competition, and the Italian bomb, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, pepper, garlic, that is from modern and since I'm in mystic, thank you, frank. Channeling my inner Julia Roberts with a slice from mystic pizza this morning, guys, I think we have to give it to Connecticut on the pizza from now on, America. Yep. You got to throw them in the mix. So true but what he said about good -- I will enjoy and send it back to you. When he said good pizza lasts forever, no, this will be gone. The crew is going to tear this up. So many crew members standing on the set. They're usually in the back. Thank you, Lara. Let's go to rob.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"A handful of restaurants are putting New Haven, Connecticut, on the map as a go-to destination for pizza.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78145539","title":"Connecticut residents battle over the state's best pizza","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/connecticut-residents-battle-states-best-pizza-78145539"}