How to choose the best workout based on your personality

Whether you're energetic, calm, peaceful or determined, there is a workout for you.
2:51 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for How to choose the best workout based on your personality
No matter what your personality and no matter what your personality I. There is a work out for you so no muses. Pittsburgh at history. High energy fatherly energetic and asking experts now and at this where have all about jumping Jack like jumping jacks street. Get your heart rate up it's getting it energized and motivated to nature that the first thing you start. Alternating like London less about the stretching it's more about that want to keep yourself motivated keep yourself and your diet entire time bounce around you've got. So this next personality type is it your caring and peaceful understanding. Really today your ears and you like to avoid conflicts are gonna talk here. Two components of this work out some really likes you early in the morning and any others that we like to do in the evening to release. Stress they're gonna start with our answer calls that's really gonna help to get energy flowing to release that energy interior fingertips. Open up here for open up your hearts it seems the and it isn't again this is pregnant and at the end of the day it's really good stress release during a start up and childhood and you're getting Houston lake extension and a link and the body you're gonna come to release the stresses that should mean they'll this is an attempt to stretch. Just released all of those stresses throughout the course of the day and also like this exercise because you're down on the ground you're not going heavy Mario hear all about stretching. So this next personality time. You're mentally tough. And you're determined so really simple here you wanna set goals and you want to reach. The key features of this work out to gain jumping rope and holding up my excellent jumping grab your gonna push your car audio. Zeeland Michigan and doing things yelling you can't do any marks to news out of bullets you miss. Cooper two minutes and thirty seconds the next one is the kind of playing he's. He easier for your part body carry your posture. Here outlined here topping your chairman your UNICEF ever wrangled one Manhattan. For the first few days and you're getting that in two minutes you're that a very minute and see what your Max Cady. Your personality type is cool comic collected interestingly your parents on cue the mood in Everett so I'll about the music at all about that I. If personality pay a lot of it is about control from. Flat out so we love you see me jumper appear as an exercise told his really gonna help you mean teen user. Muscles to determine the flow and your body strength resistance throughout the course of the work this exercise again. Focusing on here Torre be doing each side and you can hold the rope taut. And again this is all about making sure that the rope keeps human effort it aren't as deep and from side to side and little that we some way. No matter what your personality is there is a work out three. No excuses.

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{"id":56039936,"title":"How to choose the best workout based on your personality","duration":"2:51","description":"Whether you're energetic, calm, peaceful or determined, there is a workout for you.","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/choose-best-workout-based-personality-56039936","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}