Veteran who lost both legs in Iraq war finds healing in yoga

When army veteran Dan Nevins asks his yoga class to wiggle their toes, he can't do the same.
4:03 | 12/20/18

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Transcript for Veteran who lost both legs in Iraq war finds healing in yoga
From a powerful. Sometimes forget them and double amputee my legs are gone they're not going back and healthy. In the news. Miner also does it work. My name is Dan Evans and the wounded warrior a yoga teacher and professional speaker. I was in the united states army for fifteen years of my role and combat as I was squad leader. Iraq was and there were and Stanton explosions in ninety attacks. Constantly. We got and some intelligence that. From the insurgency was in Fallujah that entire operations. A remember everything about that today. Pitch black outside. From bouncing carefully down this pitiful road in and silence and darkness. And head was bowed in prayer like it was before remission and that. Remember being in that prayer and then boom. The silence was destroyed by the deafening blast from me. 181000 pound vehicle near a ball of fire. When it reached up my legs that were still up in inside the vehicle. That's when I felt that the unmistakable arterial blood spurt to remain in my heart and that. And realize that it from an artery was severed and blacks. And then I just screamed out manic. Home team is right there then themselves in harm's way. Remove my legs my truck that was starting to catch fire. New border project was at my bad side. Every day making sure they have but I needed in making sure that there were opportunities for me to prove that my disability didn't define. And identify with the rest of life is could be like. Since then. I would snow warning wake boarding rock climbing out of your canoeing you name it I got to go skydiving. I'm not coming RO whiff. Two other warriors from different wars three guys standing on the summit of Mount Clemens are. Tallest free standing mountain in the world. With a 1630. Late between us. It's was the last right elbow. And then back to Sarin switch sides. We just let them first class warrior spiritually and to our power you as fast as well when the warriors from our country. Hey smile. Being a yoga teachers the most important work I've ever gotten. I teach children how he'll be invisible wounds of war. But the reality is that all of us. Are living with the invisible wounds of some of the war no one this without suffering. I this year when we're project had their inaugural five K event to carry forward in. It was happening on November 10 and Jackson zone that's the anniversary it's my life. In fourteen years ago that game. Yeah I nearly lost my life. So I called on my guys. They showed and then invite in my home. And you children. I wouldn't trade land now and what I've learned. For any amount of money at any moment healing that her and the amount of alternate timeline where this wouldn't have happened. It was horrible. And it was painful. And it was worth.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"When army veteran Dan Nevins asks his yoga class to wiggle their toes, he can't do the same.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59922286","title":"Veteran who lost both legs in Iraq war finds healing in yoga","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/veteran-lost-legs-iraq-war-finds-healing-yoga-59922286"}