Woman reveals she is a perfect match, will donate kidney to her neighbor

Nancy Seigneur surprised her neighbor and longtime friend Dave Courtney live on "GMA" with the news that she is a perfect match and will donate her kidney.
9:13 | 10/23/18

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Transcript for Woman reveals she is a perfect match, will donate kidney to her neighbor
us because we're kicking off something very special this morning. It's called "Tell T.J." T.J. Holmes. T.J. Holmes. Look at him. He's all ready. He is traveling the country to find incredible stories of unsung heroes celebrating the people going above and beyond to help others and this morning he's there in Ohio with a man whose life is about to change and the woman who is making it all possible, T.J. Do tell us. Robin, you said his life is about to change. Well, his life could potentially be saved by what's going to happen this morning. Look, there's no way for me to sugar coat this. His health is failing. And like so many meme in this country he's on the organ transplant waiting list. Well, he's been on that list for three years. Now, I want all of you all to come along with us as we cross one name off that list this morning and he has no idea it's about to happen. The senior and Courtney families of sylvania, Ohio, hit it off from the start and have been friends and neighbors now for more than two decades. We were moving into the neighborhood. They made us feel very welcome. Instantly became friends with hem. Reporter: Dave Courtney was living with a serious kidney disease and desperately needed a transplant. Dave and Chris are very private about it. They're not going to be pity party or poor me or anything. They would never ask for help. Never. Reporter: He was put on a transplant waiting list three years ago. He's definitely worried and I think, you know, the uncertainty of not knowing am I going to get a kidney. Reporter: Then in April news from his doctor, Dave's condition had worsened. That's when he said we need to get you on dialysis and that's when it's like, oh, man. Really didn't want to go there. He was definitely scared. I could tell by the look in his eyes. Reporter: Seven days a week he's on dialysis all night while he sleeps. I have an amazing husband and I certainly would welcome anyone who would be willing to donate a kidney for him. There's not any better gift than that. Reporter: And any time the phone rings, it could be the call that gives him a new life. Could be a marketer but you want to take that chance. Reporter: The love of his grandchildren keep him strong and his wife Christine. We're going to be okay. I'm pretty sure of that. Reporter: For his longtime friend and neighbor his positive attitude and zest for life helped her make an easy decision. Maybe Dave was put in my life for that reason. Reporter: A few weeks ago Nancy got tested to see if she and Dave were a match and if she could donate a kidney to him. I jumped at the chance to do this. Not knowing that I was going to be a match, you think about being a match but you're thinking, how could I be a match? And I am. I am a match. I am the donor for Dave and I am so excited for him to find out and for this to happen and for him to lead a great life. I have never been hesitant at all to do this. He's worth every ounce of it. He's Dave. He's Dave. He's like a big teddy bear. He's Dave. Reporter: Dave is here. His wife Chris, the family has been hanging out here and treating us this morning to a good breakfast. The whole country just saw the piece about what you have been going through. What they don't know is you were hesitant to be part of the broadcast because, you know, this is a very private thing but you wanted to do it because if it helped get the word out and helped one other family keep from having to go through what you've been going through that was important to you. Very, very important. Unless you really go through this an you're at a need where you need an organ or something of this event and you don't have access to it and you have to rely on others to step up. It's quite a journey. It's not just your journey but the whole family a journey. Somebody could see this and say, hey, I like that guy Dave. Maybe I'll step up and hem him out. Well, that's not going to be what happens because it's not what happened because we're here to tell your story but we didn't tell thaw in fact several weeks ago someone did step up and they wanted to help you out and they went and got tested and I need the whole family to hear this because I get to tell you this now. That person stepped up and that person is a match and your wait is over, Dave. You're getting a kidney. And I am able to tell you that this morning. Thank you. It has happened. It is done and it's okay, guys. I told you, you can react. It's okay. But you all can't see the whole family but every single person at this island has tears in their eyes because it's been a difficult journey and it's been getting tougher and tougher for you. I know you're wondering who is this person who would step up and do this for you. I want you to stay here because the person is at your front door. Oh, my goodness. So, everybody, come along with me. And now I need you to come on in. Dave is here. Dave is waiting and Dave is in tears. ?????? I know you don't want to let her go but we're limited on TV time, Dave. But the whole country, you didn't hear the piece but they have met Nancy already and they know she was doing this and Nancy, hello and you tell us again why it was so important you wanted to do this for your friend, your buddy. That's Dave. Dave is fabulous. They're such great friends. I could never imagine not doing it. I wanted to help. This is the way I can do this for Dave and I wouldn't have it any other way. What can you say to her here? I'm speechless. We've talked to a lot of people that wanted to know about the process and a lot of people got a little overwhelmed with the tips that they would have to go through and I think this was probably a godsend because at Chris' mom's funeral viewing, Nancy happened to talk to Chris and said I didn't know he needed a kidney. She's been on another list for a long time and didn't get called and so the conversation just became what was your blood type. It matched mine if she's been through it all. I've been through it all. I've been through it all, Dave. She is a match so, robin, George, Strahan, you're just meeting him. We're seeing him for the first time and past couple of days but this family has been going through this for years and years and I know it's okay to say, but the kidney has been getting worse and has been failing more and more. This is life changing and life saving. It is. So incredibly grateful that they're sharing this story. Hey, T.J., I need to tell you something. I've been working with this man next to me for -- it's ten years or whatever. I cannot remember the last time I saw -- brought him to tears. Brought George Stephanopoulos to tears. It's just something -- not all your stories -- pardon, T.J. Yeah, George got me yesterday. He had me in tears on set so I wanted to get him back today. Okay. Please tell Dave and Nancy and the entire family thank you for making their mess their message and getting the message out about the -- just the joy it is to be able to save someone's life as Nancy is doing for her dear neighbor and friend Dave. Thank you for sharing. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, a lot of tears in this room right now and -- Are all his stories T.J. Stories -- Tears of joy. That was an inspiring story and if you know of an unsung hero who deserves the spotlight go to our website to tell T.J. We can never ever get enough of that.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"Nancy Seigneur surprised her neighbor and longtime friend Dave Courtney live on \"GMA\" with the news that she is a perfect match and will donate her kidney.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58682546","title":"Woman reveals she is a perfect match, will donate kidney to her neighbor","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/woman-reveals-perfect-match-donate-kidney-neighbor-58682546"}