What women should know about the reproductive system as they age

Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down what women need to know about how aging affects their reproductive system.
6:44 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for What women should know about the reproductive system as they age
Today we're talking all about how that female reproductive system ages a lot of the changes in the female reproductive tract that we see with. The aging process are a direct result of changing hormone levels. And the number one hormone changes. With age in a woman is Esther Chan. And it drops and the first thing that I think is really important for people to know is that the female reproductive system. In some ways starts in the brain when you talk about anatomy but for the most part in the pelvis were talking about the over is. And then. The external and internal. Euro channel system so if you start. With the ovaries when a woman approaches manna pause and certainly after manna pies. The ovaries dramatically. Reduce the amount of estrogen and protester. On that they produce ovaries also are responsible for the production of half a woman's testosterone. So that will also decline as a woman ages and first of all a lot of people don't realize that women have testosterone is well. That drop in testosterone level in a woman as she ages is responsible for that dreaded. I don't understand why am gaining weight around here when I'm still exercising and eating well. That's why it can also be responsible for him decrease in woman's look beat down. And then certainly when you talk about. The other declining hormones. As a woman ages for just or progestin and estrogen. Are the big ones most people have an idea what estrogen does. But progesterone. Is kind of like the sleeper hormone if Yunel a drop in a woman's progesterone level. Can be responsible for a lot of be cut it is emotional. Mood affects. That a woman can see me he coached. The definition. The medical and she land definition of manna paws is one year without a menstrual period average age of man applies in the United States is 51. But it. Here's would be but there are a lot of factors that can go into acting that altering that for an individual woman number one. Her family history this is not deter a little. Picture but it it is a factors smoking. Is huge women who smoke cigarettes. Are known to happen earlier menopause in women who do not smoke cigarettes and then there are some genetic. Conditions and some medical conditions. Cancer being the biggest one that would cause an early here so what are the symptoms and signs of madame who let me tell you it runs the cabinet there's no one size fits all when it comes to manna certainly. Many many women as they become Harry menopausal. We'll notice some kind of cognitive and emotional psychological. What ever you wanna call it this is from the neck up a lot of signs and symptoms of highs then kind of the rest of the body. Hot flashes. They're the most famous sign or symptom. Not every woman will have hot flashes. It's one of the more common. Symptoms it's good to keep in mind that only about 20%. Of women will complain since the airport to facilitating menopausal symptoms. But the flip side of that is they eat percent of women will have one or more symptoms of manic highs these just might not be so. Then as you work your way down the body Aaron muscular skeletal system. There is seen an increase in body fat and a weakening of our bones. And then in the pelvic area. And that includes urinary frequency in some cases urinary incontinence vaginal dryness and are inner cores. A loss of lubrication and increase its stability for. Both bladder infections UT eyes and vaginal infections. Some women will have a change in their bowel habits. Leading. From the uterus can be all over the place. In some women as they approach an iPod as their periods we'll just feed off into the sunset and eating well completely stopped in other women. They're bleeding can get more erratic in some cases had the year in some cases closer together there is no way to predict. It's very very individual and then lastly there can be weakening in the elements that some. Word the uterus and in fact all. Helping. Guy nick logic. Organs of a woman we call that healthy organ collapse and that just means kind of to send more bulging crowd of any of the pelvic organs so that with the latter the vagina uterus the wreck. There's not one specific cause of pro laps. Things that are associated with it women who have had many. Pregnancies and vaginal deliveries. Can be at higher risk. Women who smoke or have pulmonary conditions where they're coughing alive. I can be at higher risk. Women. Who. Are suffering with severe obesity can be at higher risk by us. Just to keep things interesting in Madison. You can have none of those factors you can have them one pregnancy one vaginal delivery and still hadn't collapsed. The most common symptom is that sensation of pressure women come and say they feel they have a lot of help that pressure. Some women might have to journey. We're and their bladder more often and in terms of management's. It really depends on the greed or severity of the U dorm collapsed their devices that women can use that can help with uterine collapsed and then their surgery and some extreme cases so it really depends. On the woman her age. Her lifestyle and how severe the collapse it is it's really important for women and the man who may be in their lives to understand. That it's not necessarily about things being the scene as they were a form and it caused. They will be different but that doesn't mean it won't be as good and in some cases may be even better it's just different. So now we looked down the road to mount a pause. It should be with optimism it should be with an acceptance that it's a normal and natural speech in a woman's life. And every one we'll get through it just like we all got through puberty.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down what women need to know about how aging affects their reproductive system. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68315574","title":"What women should know about the reproductive system as they age ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/women-reproductive-system-age-68315574"}