5 women share what it's like to have a miscarriage

For many, discussing a pregnancy loss can be cathartic.
6:16 | 10/24/19

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Transcript for 5 women share what it's like to have a miscarriage
The best word to describe miss Cary each. Is allowed and Kerry is. Loss of TV potential. Believe they don't matter what. Just and he was what was lost their dress it was just a Siemens we have lost a member ever eaten. Something that should be now a lot more than it is now. I had an excellent I was 96 and happens is now and I I learned about seventeen and a half weeks pregnant when I lock my point. I had my Christmas carriage at thirteen in a half weeks. And my second best care aged I was around six weeks. When I had meanest carry ID Liz. In disbelief I. Blunt. And eaten an ill and I felt like I had been thrown in this deep hole. And every ten doctors are singing. Laurie gave little more explanation and I just spotlight. More stones received on me once again it was worse than laughs it. Inside like I couldn't bring in more. I was devastated him. First found out that I hadn't missed your age I was possible really confused. As you never think about it happening to use. You can't they're each really. Even though I knew that miss Georgia is always a possibility I never really understood but it insulate instill in us. Very definitely use solid weeks after the miscarriage where is can function and get up at. Rose very confusing very heartbreaking. But mostly action thanks very antsy. There's no reason exactly. Clear why what happened happened. I was scared. Definitely. Waste here is my husband. Let me. Ian I just out of her own Ian Lang yeah. That it is all bank Alan current really aren't in. Are incompetent and incredibly heart. And a lack of talking together just packing now Howell mill. I think that trucking their split helped us get their lives and we were just thankful that through it he had each other. The greatest thing that's how it means he'll turn in this carriages has been able T. Share our mind about them. The more. Where you realize that. You're not the only one end. There's so many people that unfortunately have bonds through. This. I I my went to therapy. To try to help might well you know talk about things that I I noticed that. It was hard for me to talk to somebody who had never had a net carriage. And that's what I saves hearing from women hanging personally. There were other women and felt exactly the same me that I dated that. I was a failure and then he asked Clinton how did you deal with them. Are you doing out late how are you doing. Thinking allow time for another baby. Me we have like I had Haggan all infertility or carry worry. For all drivers at the new very emotionally. Heart breaking gain is ever going angry you know trying I'm inning. I hostages kids aren't natural night lots. I think they're in and telling their story. Hopefully they're like it's harmless acts and I'll begins its. Seen in weeks. And I get to Shari we every went to my I. Every day. At first and Ryan that he would help me get stuck that. That child away in them and my mind in everything about him again. But I can't do that it is you know it's still our child. And it's still conference in alone and even fort shortening the time he listens. If I can tell any sending out villages on McNabb. Bearing in your life. Can't eat. And we'll continued has ET ER news. Apple's accurate and you are mounting. Something I wouldn't mind other when he and experience that Jerry Allen and you're not alone you don't have to go through this alone. You can grieve in whatever way you line you kids healer and whatever when he lined beaches you your car. EC east York's talk about it. But there eat just your significant other or your friends your family but there's so many other ring anywhere here to support you went into the scene being. You are still honor and still create a light. Era wrong.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"For many, discussing a pregnancy loss can be cathartic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66462098","title":"5 women share what it's like to have a miscarriage","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/women-share-miscarriage-66462098"}