30 pieces you need for the perfect wardrobe

Amy Odell of Cosmopolitan magazine shares the top 30 must-have pieces you need to complete the perfect wardrobe.
4:16 | 10/09/17

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Transcript for 30 pieces you need for the perfect wardrobe
We're helping you clean out your closet and create the perfect 30-piece collection part of a trend it's called the capsule wardrobe and the editor of cosmopolitan.com Amy o'dell is here to show us how to do it. Please welcome Amy. Thank you. You're talking 30 pieces for 365 days. Exactly. So if you were like me you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. That's true. So the capsule wardrobe is great because you shop one time for an entire year and you have every outfit for every indication for 365 days. That sounds just -- why didn't we think about this before. I don't know. It's not actually too good to be true because we can show you how to do it. You have four models. I would imagine the wardrobe capsule, the women will come out here, come on. They're so enamored looking at themselves. Come on out. We have four beautiful models. To illustrate the four different seasons and the essentials for each. Let's start with fall. So we'll start with fall on Abby. Hey, girl. Wearing actually it looks like a top and skirt but this is a green velvet slip dress and I think that people think velvet is the kind of thing you can only wear when it's cold out but that's not true. She could take off the sweater, change the sneaker to a heel and wear it to a wedding. Thank you. I like that. That's fall. Let's move on to winter. Thank you. Here we have Alexis and she is actually wearing what looks like a sweater but it's a sweater dress so she's tucked it into a trouser here. I know, it's very nifty. She could also wear it with an over-the-knee boot and just has a great like day to night look. Wait a minute. That's a dress. This is a dress but it looks like a top because we folded it and tucked it in. Ah. I love these models. They're so focused. I love that. Fall, winter. Spring. So Hannah is wearing here something that I love which is the blue Jean but it's embroidered and I think people think with 30 pieces I need the basics, these are basic pieces but we jazz them up with a little embroidery on the side. She has a t-shirt with a little built of embroidery as well and a trench coat that's not your basic trench coat because it's in pink so you can dress up an outfit with a pop of color. Very good. I like the accessory she has as well. Then it's going to happen again. Summer is going to come back to us. Can't wait. But if you're dreaming of your winter or your spring vacation this is a great look. So on Rachel we have this little duster coat and it's in a silky fabric and she's wearing it as a jack as you can see but the reason I absolutely love these pieces is that you can wear them on their own belt them and become a wrap dress and then you have two looks in one so imagine you're going on vacation. You have a jacket, you wear over something like this. Sure? Or you wear it on its own and belt it and go out to dinner. Talk about pricing here because if you're only going to have a limited amount of items in your wardrobe, you have to spend a little bit more for the quality? In the beginning you do so you're going to splurge to save. So you'll do your shopping spree and spend more than you would on a typical shopping trip but in the long run you'll save a lot of money because you're not feeling like you have to buy something every two weeks. It's a good investment. The second thing to remember is that you want to invest in the things you wear the most. So if you have a handbag that you want to take to work every day, spend more money on that bag than maybe a pair of shoes you might not wear as often. And the final thing invest in basics so if you're shopping you might see a t-shirt and think I can get a $5 t-shirt it doesn't matter but they have to last you for an entire year so might want to spend $25 on your t-shirt to get a lot of wear of. I imagine accessories are a big key too. They're a great way to mix up the look. You can see how they take outfits from casual to dressed up. So in our fall look we have a sneaker but you can intap that out for an elegant sandal and you can wear that whole look out to dinner or to a wedding. I'm just messing with them. I'm trying to get them to smile

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{"id":50361650,"title":"30 pieces you need for the perfect wardrobe","duration":"4:16","description":"Amy Odell of Cosmopolitan magazine shares the top 30 must-have pieces you need to complete the perfect wardrobe. ","url":"/GMA/video/30-pieces-perfect-wardrobe-50361650","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}