Alisha Marie Goes Camping in Glacier National Park

"GMA" takes YouTube lifestyle guru Alisha Marie on our National Parks camping trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.
6:45 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Alisha Marie Goes Camping in Glacier National Park
Oh pretty. And only three and the path out is that we and in the glam being at Disney glamorous camping it's meant inventors and you do not think that the and that the me equally quiet. And I. Buy out in Montana. This is a Lake Erie. Out of my element I'd love it. I think that's not now. I don't even know the cameras and it just as it is opening act like it's like no big and beautiful about it. As we didn't we have not youth and we went on Channel 8 we beautiful waterfall is snowboard at pounding at every scene at I like this in mind higher Eilat roaring river rapids MI. I'm happening animated bombing now. Clinton beautiful. Chris Canty stock up and get some snacks and it is in shopping. So the first step and surviving is obviously getting some snacks and they let casinos. We need to plan. Not an anti. Let's show. Told my guys dvd. Feed you raise fees each hit it big in league average. They could make things Travis is also looking at what can customize it differently if you want and and the net. That's he's never see how neatly into our lives. Trail mix water and ignorant just like mix their own you know really close up look at this stuff. We want. And he that show you know back it's getting equipment to bag came out of the arts. I keep telling. We can vote for and and I ED and F on the forgotten this case. How are getting Smart covers hot dogs without you can't afford not talk and I. I want and and the most important thing we need. Some like. It means fox like a good idea and he can't start a back here. Not to brag but I totally mastered making of iron out I'm kind of proud I am not an ally. So I mean this is my number one essential. For the logs a man may citizens and I climb around freezing doesn't mean he's in. Camping experiences and he really hard now because I'm used to this glamour is can't I even tried put together a traditional and it Salem evidently this about it. Act is that that are ten in the back yard about it and let's see if Biden. Still the and it. News the heart rate. At a instruction. Map pulled. I'm thing of the front facing like the beautiful views but something. But we have to get that'll pull things there. This isn't convening. I think that's when is the thing a tailored Spanish tennis. I got a stake in the ground. And then to. May I didn't plan. Now. Ingrid ramming things it's nice to actually look like intense packet yanks and it we got things we got I'm excited. And they the if you now. Intent through ready. You have the dual screen here's my reading corner and here's my sleeping planning. Agree sitting by. It's a damn campaign. That the clamping but he needs an ethics Mars need and they're beautiful and militant. So letting your campaign lawyer limping either you definitely have to be prepared. Back prepared I mean he needs about bank. And there's been convene Evernote happen and it just at. And we also may isn't as big some fires like the ultimate small and there amazing and we have the past campfire for an and it is at the time. So we are making I am flatness lines and honestly this is a pretty big it's going to be a pretty beat back. And heads are gonna let it. Get all bed and our enemy the Oltmanns. I think I'll aren't more ingredients and ultimate black we have here that it. And and let me we have. Pressure as its candidate mildly got a marginal at an inmate be kidding Viet NA tests. Henry the ultimate smile except wine lists you march 9. What do. We'll back. Think it. Liane this is gonna you have like friends now argues wants you for your thought. What ever worked march non pleaded golden brown kind teen parent but not like you just Perkins and he my gosh her. I can't ain't there absolutely perfect and fitness the golden on this at golden on the sides now make earth Mars but yet. And that. Okay it's now been everything crackpot with nineteen of a man you have judgment and her she theory is that break down and you about in mind and now he wants you. At oh my guide us. Mine. The last step. It's really good that he does not like you to the chocolate that's that's a penalty and that's that we're gonna try to act pretty ecstatic Christie magic. Just to get a little warm you know he want to talk on Altman. Oh. But Graham and tracked. Food. A bomb the the thing you so much coming landing with me this week in light on the Nvidia and until next time I think it.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"\"GMA\" takes YouTube lifestyle guru Alisha Marie on our National Parks camping trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39044027","title":"Alisha Marie Goes Camping in Glacier National Park ","url":"/GMA/video/alisha-marie-camping-glacier-national-park-39044027"}