New Details on the American 2-Star General Killed in Afghanistan

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2:36 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for New Details on the American 2-Star General Killed in Afghanistan
The latest on that two-star general in Afghanistan. Harold Greene served 34 years in the army before he was killed yesterday by an Afghan soldier and an insider attacked several other American soldiers. ABC's Martha Raddatz brings out the latest from Washington. Good morning, Martha. Reporter: It is a very rare occurrence to lose a general, the military prides itself on protecting its leaders, so this morning, the loss of this two-scar general, major general Harold grooep is especially paful. At general Greene's home in falls church, Virginia, an American flag hanging outside, two stars visible in the window and an army spokesperson passing on thoughts from the family. He really believed in what he was doing over there and was really powder to serve. Reporter: It was supposed to be a routine visit to an Afghan military academy Tuesday, general Greene will to observe progress made by the Afghan troops. At the meeting, the gunman, one of thousands of Afghan security forces trained by the U.S., firing an automatic weapon killing the general and wounding 15 others including eight Americans. Within seconds, American soldiers fire back killing the gunman. General Greene had just been sent to Afghanistan in January to become deputy commander of training. There's a mission for the army and it goes beyond Afghanistan and we have to be prepared to that. Reporter: General Greene is now the most senior U.S. Officer killed by hostile action since the Pentagon attack on 9/11. The loss of this individual will be very, very difficult on the force as a whole. Reporter: General Greene received his two-tar promotion in August 2012. His wife, retired colonel, daughter and son, also an active duty soldier right by his side. The general was also a scholar holding a ph.d. And three masters degree, George. What a big loss. Okay, Martha. On another military matter, Bowe bergdahl, the American P.O.W. Released back in may now facing this investigation set to begin today into whether or not he first deserted several years ago but even if they find that he did desert he's unlikely to face additional punishment, right? He is unlikely to. His lawyer said I don't think any ream person would want to send someone who's already been held captive for five years by the Taliban to jail. You're looking at these latest pictures during his talk with his lawyer and that investigation starts today but it could take some time, George. Okay, Martha, thanks very much.

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