American Girl announces the release of its first male doll

The popular doll maker is releasing its first boy doll this year as part of its collection.
3:57 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for American Girl announces the release of its first male doll
And now to the toy that is changing the game for families everywhere. Mattel announcing American girl is releasing its first ever boy doll named Logan Everett and Jesse palmer is here with the details. That's right, Michael. American girl is welcoming the boy, all part of its plan to make it more diverse and roll out dolls with broader experiences and interests. This morning, it's a boy. American girl's brand-new blockbuster debut doll is named Logan. People have been asking for a boy character. Reporter: For the first time in the company's 31-year history a boy is joining the ranks of 29 million American girl dolls. I think toymakers are thinking about gender differently when they launch products and so American girl maybe wants to launch this boy toy Logan Everett to get boys involved in the brand. Let's go look at it. Reporter: The company saying overnight parents and kids have been asking for years for a boy doll. Some even go to extreme lengths to make their own. She looks like a girl right now but once you add the clothes and the wig, the magic happens. It looks like a boy. Reporter: Reaction to Logan has been fast and furious. A lot of parents saying it's about time. Every time we go my son asks where is the American boy section? And I can't thank you enough for finally making a boy doll. It's all part of a larger movement in the industry to make toys relatable to all kids. Hasbro redoing their easy-bake oven to be gender neutral. A few years ago Lego and nerf redesigning toy lines to appeal to both girls and boys. When you have a lineup with boy and girl characters and different races it's a toy that's for everybody and as long as it's marketed for everybody then everybody can play with it. Reporter: Profit is fueling the moves tee. Sales have surged for American girl with more diverse dolls introduced into the line. And American girl's plans go beyond just boy dolls. The company will reportedly introduce an american-korean character and a historical hawaiian character later this year. Joining us is Ericka souter, editor of Welcome, Ericka. Hi. Is this something we can see as a trend in the toy industry. Yes, it is. We see more and more toy companies going beyond traditional target audiences and seen gender inclusive advertising. A year and a half ago there was a little boy featured in a Barbie commercial and I'd like to think this is out of the goodness out of their hearts but it's also a smart business move providing more options for boys and girls would want to play with dolls and parents also feel like they have an ally in providing their kids those options. What does it say about evolving gende roles, as well. Gender roles are definitely evolving and the fact parents are so eager for the change prove that. They don't want to keep their kids in a box with toy options or playtime. They want them to be happy and confident and "Free your mind" to play with whatever they want to play with. What should parents consider before buying your child a doll? Well, it's not just -- it's not a huge consideration for every child. Little girls have been playing with boy dolls for years. I had a Ken doll. When it comes to boys that's more controversial for some families so talk to your co-parent or spouse and make sure you're on the same beige. Don't want there to be argues or tension about providing this for your child. Two, be prepared for the criticism. Because some people feel that little boys shouldn't play with dolls and little girls shouldn't play with trucks so you're going to get some criticism and have to be prepared for that. Three, you want your child to feel supported. If you make the decision to allow your little one -- little boy to play with a doll you want them to feel that they're not doing anything wrong and that you think this is a fun option for them. And I'm a big fan of American doll -- I've been there many times, taken dolls to the suite where they do their hair and all that stuff. I mean, daddy is all in. Daddy is all in. It's so much fun. Congratulations to you on your new baby. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The popular doll maker is releasing its first boy doll this year as part of its collection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45500892","title":"American Girl announces the release of its first male doll","url":"/GMA/video/american-girl-announces-release-male-doll-45500892"}