Amy Robach gets half-marathon training tips from Olympian

Amy Robach trains with Olympic distance runner Roberto Mandje before the 14th annual SHAPE women's half-marathon.
2:10 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Amy Robach gets half-marathon training tips from Olympian
Any robot training for a half marathon this is huge that's right I am very excited gearing up for the women's sheep women's half marathon with my friend and I know we're saying nice we're actually splitting the race and I got advice. From may professional athlete on what I should be doing right now. It's the fourteenth annual New York shape women's half marathon so I'm gearing up like thousands of women for Brady of fun. Fitness and come lottery in New York City I'm about to meet my trainer so let's go celebrate a man Jay it is an Olympic distance runner and has some really raised tips of pop media spurs didn't set a goal. What you suggest for women or men of all ages before they prepare for reasons it's not the scene as just going out for Iraq. He won a set up plans. Long before you start to raise his wanna savage realistic goals and and work towards that incrementally my goal is not look like I'm dying when across the peninsula people are cable of a lot more than they think they are viewed only one want her to Maas a day. That's fine you got out crawl before you can watch. Next just stick to routine where close. Train did you don't want experiment with new issues on the -- goes out the window because not a deal with blisters and some don't forget to stress. Starts against the body ready. Raise the Harvey Everhart Ritalin a bed and just activate your hamstrings implies. His kids to always keep in mind pace yourself. Steve would do tend to get overly excited and before you know you've gone out too fast and blow your whole race class you know it they say. Slow and steady wins the race staying L. And last but not least she's number five stay hydrated. Hydration hydration hydration you how the hydration land so maybe every twenty minutes in the race later on. I'm feeling good and ready did take on this race. I'm there is still time to sign up for the shape women's half marathons you can go to NY RR dot org to register. And you can get more reading tips on our website rob I haven't run a race in twenty years so we'll see what happened you look like they're ready not be out there to do ya.

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{"id":46926998,"title":"Amy Robach gets half-marathon training tips from Olympian","duration":"2:10","description":"Amy Robach trains with Olympic distance runner Roberto Mandje before the 14th annual SHAPE women's half-marathon.","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robach-half-marathon-training-tips-olympian-46926998","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}