Amy Robach's Tips for Living Every Day 'Better'

The "GMA" news anchor, who shares her breast cancer journey in her new book, "Better," gives her tips to how to live your everyday life to the fullest.
2:51 | 09/28/15

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Transcript for Amy Robach's Tips for Living Every Day 'Better'
I wanna share a couple of my tips with all of you on what I've learned about living a better life the first one. Laugh more laughter truly is the best medicine and anytime you can laugh off. Something go for it. Love more. Yellow less I can tell you that my daughters will confirm that I might have been a bit of the alert. Before my diagnosis and I now just take that moment. And I think is this how I want my daughters to remember me is this an effective way of communicating. It's usually. And I've done a really good job at yelling lacks the only thing you'd controller life. Is how you react to it you can't control what happens to you that you can control. What comes out of your mouth we are what we today and I really believe that security. Is in myth. That blanket that we all feel like we have around us where nothing's gonna happen plants. It's not true and mean you realize that life is fragile. And that. We're all vulnerable. It forces you to live in the moment and and and really appreciate what you have right now those precious moment right now. Are all that's guaranteed tomorrow. He's not a given. And then don't die before you die my husband told me that when I was going through this and it really struck a chord with me. It's about living each day to its fullest so. Start living now or get busy dying I know we've all heard that phrase. But I hope it doesn't take something as dramatic as a cancer diagnosis for people to realize. That you can take advantage of all of these moments near like we all week. All we need is what we have right now that's what I tell myself and so over these past two years I've done things I would never done before like. Take all of my kids. All five of them on a trip to Morocco. Put up. It openly he planned about and think about it they all may be you know one day you know what I made that one day. Today. And you know it's just about experiences I. I now. Take the time to experience. My life it's not about what I have. It's like can share experiences with and they don't have to be as grandiose as Morocco. Or Italy we can just be the moments like making sure my parents are there for my daughter's. First communion and you just make it time for your family because. It's what we have right now and I hope that this book inspires other people to live differently everybody. To live better because we all have in us and I hope that by sharing my journey with you. Your journeys become a little.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"The \"GMA\" news anchor, who shares her breast cancer journey in her new book, \"Better,\" gives her tips to how to live your everyday life to the fullest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34113124","title":"Amy Robach's Tips for Living Every Day 'Better'","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robachs-tips-living-day-34113124"}