'Anna Karenina's Oscar Nominated Costumes

Joe Zee details the luxurious looks worn by actress Keira Knightley.
4:06 | 01/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Anna Karenina's Oscar Nominated Costumes
Test Text1 plain All right. We're counting down to oscar sunday. And this morning, we have a special treat. Five of the oscar-nominated costumes which were worn in "anna karenina." And joe zee to give us the lowdown on these looks. These are wows. They're amazing. You talk about works of art. These are museum-quality costu costumes. I want to start with this black ensemble that keira knightley war so well. When you talk about what they did for this movie, they took the idea of 19th century russia AND INCORPORATED '50s COUTURE. They actually -- jacqueline said, I don't want to focus on THE 1870s, WHEN THE FILM IS SET. BUT TAKE THAT '50s COUTURE. There was a lot of glamour in '50s COUTURE. They took a lot of inspiration from the turn of the century. True costumes from the turn of the century, is a little doubty. And she's not doubty. She's so chic. And in the film, it's a scene when they're fighting when she's wearing this incredible two-piece ensemble and the high neckline, she's so glamorous. And it's a tricky line to walk for costume designers. You don't want the clothes to outshine the performance. You want to enhance the character. But you don't want it to become about the dress. That green dress is still in everybody's memory bank. I want to celebrate jacqueline. This is her third nomination. She's been nominated for two other joe wright keira knightley productions. So, she's on a roll. And they work incredibly well together. The best part is they can talk and work through the things that work best for what her character is. Another example, a similar silhouette to the others. But I love that the color here is telling a story. What we learn from jacqueline is that the colors were darker in the beginning of the film to reflect the mood. As the love affair grew, the clothing got lighter. I think a moviegoer get a sense of that. I think this particular movie, it is stylized. I think what joe wright had was inspired by a play and took off from that. And I think you really see the character really move in a really beautiful way. That's what you see through the costume. Talk to me about this. Chanel. Chanel supplied all of the jewelry for the movie. It's incredible. It is -- talk about handcrafted, state-of-the-art, really -- inspired by turn of the century. But it's not literal. It's a modern approach. Very modern approach. You were standing next to this. This is my favorite. I love the color. What can we take on this for today's fashion? What can we interpret from these looks? These are costumes. There's a lot of work put into these. They're boned. They're corseted. There's a lot of padding underneath. But the idea that you can find something that's elegant and understated in a way. This was my favorite from the movie. Me, too. But this is only in the movie for a split-second. But you remembered it. It was that impactful. That's what costumes should do. We have one more. This is truly eye candy. Tell us about this ensemble and these jewels. This is a deep purple/black taffeta ensemble. And keira knightley is not even here and it looks like she's standing here right now. It's incredible. These have been on tour. Not easy to get the actual costumes from a film, especially oscar-nominated film. We thank you, joe zee, and everybody involved.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Joe Zee details the luxurious looks worn by actress Keira Knightley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18334772","title":"'Anna Karenina's Oscar Nominated Costumes","url":"/GMA/video/anna-karenina-nomination-best-costumes-18334772"}