New Apps Like Waze Help Avoid Traffic Jams, Save Money

Study finds the average American family wastes $1,700 on traffic expenses.
2:43 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for New Apps Like Waze Help Avoid Traffic Jams, Save Money
All right, everybody. Wake up and watch this. Because it turn us out that sitting in traffic isn't just wasting your time, it's cost you money as well. But now there may be a cure. Sara Haines is in the social square with that. Good morning. Good morning, Michael. There was a time where all we had was the trusty paper maps. Times have changed. Although we can't hover over traffic like Amy would like, there are apps to take the edge off this expensive headache. Traffic can be annoying, upsetting and down right awful. Why are you honking at me? But did you know it's costing an arm and a leg. Signs of carmageddon. The average household spends $1700 a year on car-related expenses. By 2030, a rise of $2300 a year. How can we avoid this traffic jam? We decided to rev our engines in one of the worst traffic cities in the U.S., New York. Pitted three navigation methods from Manhattan to a mall on long Island. A map, Google map, street maps and satellite images and ways. The app where drivers share real time traffic info with other users to see which one will get us there fastest. My car is using ways. Car two is using Google maps, and car three is going old school. The ways lady tells me which ways to go. Driving -- bam, open road. There's a lot of traffic. Reporter: Turn left. I don't know the directions -- I can't believe people do this commute every day. East or west? Let's just do west. Reporter: We won. Waze saved the day. Google maps is close, and paper maps may not finish today. Hey, winner. Reporter: We have been here for 25 minutes. The app wins. A potentially priceless investment in what could be a long road of spending ahead. Now the app is a free app, and anyone concerned we were holding it. She talks to you, it's a woman like any good navigator, so you can trust her. But the internet did the paper map car, we made them do rock, si siszers, paper. They did not want to get in the car. It wasn't that long ago. The grid, looking which way to go. The direction from anybody. Now it's a great -- it's a great

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Study finds the average American family wastes $1,700 on traffic expenses. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26395959","title":"New Apps Like Waze Help Avoid Traffic Jams, Save Money","url":"/GMA/video/apps-waze-avoid-traffic-jams-save-money-26395959"}