Arctic Blast Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions

An arctic blast moving over the Great Lakes fueled storms that caused icy roads and traffic pileups in states from Pennsylvania to Michigan.
3:16 | 12/09/16

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Transcript for Arctic Blast Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions
why I didn't wear a jacket. Right out to rob Marciano who is in ellicottville, New York, where they are seeing a lot of snow this morning. Good morning. Not so warm here. Snowing all night across western New York. The sidewalks and streets have been plowed several times already. About 10 inches falling here. 20 inches in some other spots. You know, it's been a pretty slow start to the snow season. A mild fall which has great Lakes primed for a big snow event and this arctic blast is producing just that. Overnight dangerous pileups across the great Lakes as winter plows in with a vengeance. This is a skating rink. Reporter: 70 vehicles slamming together on interstate 90 near eerie, Pennsylvania. This is what it looked like stuck inside one of those tipped over vehicles. Rescue crews racing to pull people out from the mess. We have some people trapped in vehicles. Reporter: Slick roads causing this 50-car pileup in lake county, Ohio. And this crash in Lansing, Michigan, where three people died. The blinding snowstorms coming in fast. Catching some people off guard. Driving conditions in these lake-effect snow bands can deteriorate in a hurry. Just ten minutes ago there was barely any snow. The storms fueled by that arctic blast moving over the warm great Lakes. We're going to spin. Reporter: The instability so strong in created this waterspout over lake Erie. We're looking at two, two inches an hour. Once you plow you got to replow and keep salting and plow yourself back up. Reporter: Nonstop. It is nonstop. Definitely nonstop. And they're going to have their hands full again today. The roads in and out of these towns, they are dicey for sure. This snow is pretty light. I'm not sure that's good or bad for clearing roads but it's going to keep coming down. We expect at least another foot. Lake-effect snow warnings in effect through tomorrow and then a larger system coming on Sunday which means it may be snowing for the Buffalo bills game against the steelers Sunday afternoon. Guys, back to you. Thank you, rob. You and everybody else be safe on the roads. Let's go to ginger. More snow and colder temperatures on the way. That next widespread system that rob was just alluding to already creating a mess in Nevada so they're also seeing the slide-off, and pileups and that will regenerate east of the rockies and drop snow and I'm talking a half foot or more it looks like just Chicago or north Chicago to Milwaukee. Right through parts of Michigan that will getting hit and into parts of New York and new England. This will take us through the end of the weekend and then arctic air is coming along with it, right? So many folks feeling like winter this morning, the feels like in Dallas, 28, Nashville, 16. The 20s here but for Minneapolis, minot, 26 below and, you guys, I don't want to show this. The arctic express will settle in by next week. This is how ugly it's looking. Did you just say settle in? Settle in, the pattern looks like December. Oh. And below average. So sorry. I'm not sure we can thank you. But, Mike, talking about that bills game, what was it like playing in the snow. I love it. You slide around and hit -- it's fun. You hit each other. It's more fun than cold rain. That's the worst. We'll move on now to the

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"An arctic blast moving over the Great Lakes fueled storms that caused icy roads and traffic pileups in states from Pennsylvania to Michigan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44082230","title":"Arctic Blast Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions ","url":"/GMA/video/arctic-blast-creates-dangerous-driving-conditions-44082230"}