Arianna Huffington's Sleep Challenge to Eliminate Stress

The Huffington Post founder shares her tips to disconnect from technology and sleep better.
3:04 | 10/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arianna Huffington's Sleep Challenge to Eliminate Stress
And time for the morning stir. This is the generation known for multi-tasking and juggling new technology. Supposed to make our lives easier. It's leading to less leap and more stress. The founder of the Huffington post wants us to not burn out. Reporter: Text, tweets, posts, e-mails, connecting 24/7. We see it as the way to get ahead. But we could be paying a big price. Especially the millennial generation. This is the digital generation. They are used to being always on. We need to disconnect from technology and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. Reporter: Ariana Huffington should know. In her book, "Thrive," she talked about passing out from exhaustion. She's worried the next-generation is on the way to exhaustion too. It's an illusion that it's the success. The advice to give my 20-something self is sleep more and stop worrying. Reporter: Isn't it easy for somebody who's successful like you to pull back? It doesn't really matter how old we are or how successful we are. If we can live our lives being fully present, we are going to be able to see opportunities that we otherwise might miss. Reporter: So Huffington is about recharging. The secret weapon, sleep. Even during an eight hour work shift. Here at the Huffington post offices they set up nap rooms for busy writers. This is comp if I. I cover you up. Reporter: Rest is so important, Huffington is now proposing a sleep challenge. I gave it a try. Tip number one, walk or exercise every day. Number two, go to sleep half an hour earlier. Then stop looking at your devices one hour before bed and charge them outside your bedroom. And tip number four, find a soothing ritual like Reading before bed. Trying it just one day, not as easy as it seems. It begins to take this microscopic steps. We are going to get such a great reward. Reporter: Well, for you doubters, there's evidence that rest can be a game-changer. In one study, basketball players who got 11 hours of sleep saw their free throw shoot jump by 9%. 11 hours we can't all do. But it's about rest and calming your body. What do you find was the hardest part? Unplugging the devices and out of the room. Withdrawal. What if you're needed ? Just breathing deeply. Five seconds in, five seconds out. It's just all about taking care of yourself with. And as she says, redefining success. It's about recharging as well. I love that. I'm going to try two of those tips tonight. Unplug devices and take them out of the bedroom.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The Huffington Post founder shares her tips to disconnect from technology and sleep better.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26068378","title":"Arianna Huffington's Sleep Challenge to Eliminate Stress","url":"/GMA/video/arianna-huffington-sleep-challenge-eliminate-stress-26068378"}