Ashton-Moore Divorce; Swift-Fey Rift Generate Buzz

People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses stories that have created a stir in Hollywood.
4:10 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for Ashton-Moore Divorce; Swift-Fey Rift Generate Buzz
There was a report that she's filing some kind of response in this -- is really happening. Well you know this that the item in page six of the New York because -- they have the had the feel of one lower singular. Get off let's get moving here my friend magazine is taking way too long let's try to do a deal so -- you know. To shunt in her -- doesn't wanna see you remedies it would happen so -- -- out of money at stake whole lot of money at stake and listen. Went to -- divorce that both of the kind of focus and pay attention even if they're celebrities. I think is taking a long time she wants to move on and the lawyers are liked her -- saying let's go. Want I thought they were already divorced. You know it's probably -- their -- they think we're divorce that this attack Italian -- -- paying attention -- they wanna get it done and they're getting stuck on you know but we were stuck on money want to get it done -- Larry you can get down we saw Tom Cruise and. Get a -- -- and with Katie and like eleven days or somebody in that case money. Property it was not an issue right was and that's the colleagues in dollar absolute reality that this -- that was simple compared to what this -- these guys are going through its public just essentially decide. Just soccer in -- little bit of a trend going on here -- you know that's actually what the duchess wanted to say I'm right. Yeah. -- It's -- closely -- -- how well yes obviously you know -- is a role model and actually kind of -- of -- today. Justice since it did it in her own unique way. She meant to do minutes that you don't think so guns oh and I just listen I don't know why Ellis acquiring a -- -- we're lying. No I I disagree I think it's not Leslie had said that to other people and and was making a joke and -- and when she sat relatively. Once she'd known on the amount I don't know why I gave -- -- you. Know tonight. It's definitely on Good Morning America talking about it. It's monsters of money -- -- by his -- and -- the only thing oh wondered is somebody not gonna pay as much as they might have for the -- -- of the second it is. You know I don't like a good evening and I don't mean I'm I I don't parent and attack. It attaches Victoria arbiter over here I think it was yesterday saying no and -- -- she wasn't giving out the baby at all you don't buy it. Who but it did -- is that I that was actually mistake I think that was actually mistake I think there was an accident when I'm -- joking about it just concluded bottom. Listen to listening to what Hezbollah into saying you know destitute children and I think yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Want to look at it wanted to continue insane dog like stop because she might have insulted the proud I thought you were getting into the evening I think Willis and we'll be here for fun -- -- -- -- While also in London right now what is going. And only Justin Bieber in what is it about teens who turned teen stars until nineteen. Well there's a bad still going on here one is that he's nineteen years old and they -- nineteen years olds sometimes do which is a lot of fun he's also running straight into the new law that is the British tabloid press and what amounts to apparently and they just they -- they feast on this kind of thing so you know -- a more he -- and -- anger against these -- that he makes. They just heated up even more you know. Why is there someone I mean this is a long running camp this kid just didn't show up out of nowhere he's got -- people around and we're saying -- isn't -- tactical move. This has got to stop positioning seems he's ninety minister appointment that he was trounced are now has nineteen -- all of nineteen year old through which is saying. Many many miles slightly know I'm royal bank Korea and that combined with you know a social media -- like every single fought his head can come out. Well again -- -- I think this -- -- -- -- -- again Jessica Simpson -- she was doing he knows what he's doing he knows he's walking into what he's going in the front -- shirtless he knows what he's -- I mean they're wasting -- where he's -- -- I just don't care. Yet with that whole thing with the cost -- when he was an hour and a half to -- they whatever it is you know that was at a bad situation got worse and again. When your over their Britain you're young American star -- had everything given to do so would it seem. They just feast on that kind of thing that affect the matter is he has been very well managed by -- -- So this could be a combination of turning nineteen and being in the wrong place meantime -- cover story this week it really touched all our hearts Valerie Harper. It was extraordinary you know well I'm Johnny dobbs a correspondent who spoke to were. -- just actually stunned by her magnanimity her her her. Her grace her serenity and obvious this is very tough and she says listen you know I'm I'm not entirely good with this at all times but I'm very very calm about it she's taken care profoundly. It's a beautiful story and we were merely you know we're proud to have it and humbled to have it is enhancing -- it really was.

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{"id":18674116,"title":"Ashton-Moore Divorce; Swift-Fey Rift Generate Buzz","duration":"4:10","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses stories that have created a stir in Hollywood.","url":"/GMA/video/ashton-kutcher-demi-moore-divorce-court-tina-fey-18674116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}