'The Bachelor' Couple Share Their Proposal Excitement

Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff join "GMA" to discuss the final rose ceremony and their potential futures together.
6:39 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Couple Share Their Proposal Excitement
"Heat index" emotional end to the season's "Bachelor." Chris and his now bride-to-be Whitney are with us live but a look right now at all the drama that got them right here. Will you marry me? Absolutely. Reporter: Bachelor Chris Soules' emotional journey finally coming to a close and this morning he's officially engaged to fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff. But leading up to the romantic proposal inside his family's barn in Arlington, Iowa, Soules battling overwhelming emotions. And family pressure. You came here to find a wife. You know, you didn't come to find a girlfriend. Reporter: Torn between the two remaining women, becca and Whitney. Why don't you feel like you're in love with me? The answer is that don't know. Reporter: Becca's uncertainty ultimately leading Soules to say good-bye. I don't think I'm the guy that's going to be able to give you what you need. Reporter: But the almost couple reunited during the live after the final rose special. To get to the end and then all of a sudden be I'm in love because I was supposed to be didn't feel like it would be fair to you or fair to me. Reporter: As for Chris and Whitney, they are ready to start their lives together but only after one last question. Will you accept this rose? Yes. I love you. I love you too. Very sweet. We're joined now by the bachelor himself prince farming, Chris and his fiancee Whitney Bischoff. Congratulations to both of you. Thank you. We want to explain to everybody you guys were in L.A. That show that was on the after the rose special is live, correct. In L.A. Then you got on a plane and flew all night. Chris, you were saying it's sort of all running together. Yeah, the life is kind of crazy right now. We just -- it's kind of a whirlwind and we're all ready to just be Normal. To be Normal. Well, this is it. How long has it been a secret? When was the proposal, the big metropolitan and until right now. So the proposal was November 22nd so it's been several months, so it's been a long time coming. How do you do it when you're newly engaged I think you're so emotional about it, want to be together. How did you manage to keep the secret? That was really difficult. I mean, most difficult part for me was just being a part and not really being able to like continue and build the relationship. The keeping the secret, you're able to tell your close friends because you know they're not going to talk about it but other than that you kind of got to hide -- Nobody slipped. Not that I know of. Don't put it on Facebook. Don't put it on Twitter. Just keep it between you and me and we'll be all right. Were you guys able to plan any secret getaways? Were you able to see each other. We did a couple of times. She made it to Arlington a couple times. You did. Yeah, it's not too far from Chicago so like that did make it a little bit easier. You've been there now a couple of times. Are you getting used to the concept of life on the farm. I am. I mean it's going to be a change, but it's something that I'm up for and I'm really excited about. The thing is Chris made it very clear from the beginning that is what he was looking for. You were quite up front about it. I want to ask you, what was it about Whitney that you connected with because you said it was pretty early on. Yeah, I mean, Whitney is -- not only is she beautiful but she's got a lot going on besides being beautiful. She's smart and has a career and is talented and just has a lot of things about her that I really find attractive and someone that I can see being with for the rest of my life and being a partner and raising a family and just -- All the ingredients. Just the perfect person and my family loves her like the moment they met her they fell in love with her. He did. That was big for me. Did that help you make the decision? Absolutely. I think that was one thing that made Bali so tough because I didn't have my family to help me with those digs and finally getting back to Iowa and being with my sisters and parents really helped me find some clarity and the whole decision-making process. I have to ask you, Whitney, what's it like to go back in that room after the rose special with all the other gals who you've now seen on the show, you know, some pretty intense moments, as well. Actually, you know, I didn't watch the season, so I missed a lot of those intense moments, but, you know, he had a great group of girls and I made some great friends and, you know, it was good to see some familiar faces. Yeah, well, you said you guys watched the show on the plane. We watched the proposal. You did. Yeah. But was that sort of a planned decision not to watch the other parts of the show just to keep your sanity? That was my decision and he supported me in that. Yeah, yeah. So can you share with us any plans, any excitement about a wedding perhaps? I mean I think right now we're really excited to just start -- to start our life as a Normal couple in the real world. A Normal couple who's engaged. Yeah. After meeting on TV. Yeah. Very Normal so how will you do that? What's your way of starting a Normal life together? Going to a movie. I know. In public. And -- Holding hands in public, yeah. That would be pretty cool. Yeah, you're loud. A great opportunity. All right, and something that may not be very Normal, we do want to share with everybody, something that you'll be emba embarking on because you have so much free time, Chris. Happy engagement, everybody. Chris has a very great announce. How will you spend a lot of your time in the coming days. Well, so instead of moving to Arlington we're going to be moving to L.A. For a couple weeks at least to be on "Dancing with the stars." Yay! Congratulations. We may have guessed that. America may have guessed that. The worst best secret ever. The worst kept secret, indeed but I think that everybody does want to know can you actually dance? I mean did you -- I can dance better than I can sing. We did. That's why I'm asking. Shopping cart. I pull -- there's a few moves I threw out. Are you going to pull out the shopping cart -- I hear Len loves that. Very possible. If he does it's coming out for sure. Listen, hey, guys, congratulations and thank you for flying and sharing all with us and, Chris, wishing you the best of luck. I'm going to need it. From the frying pan to the fire, Whitney, enjoy the farm. Thank you. Thanks for having us.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff join \"GMA\" to discuss the final rose ceremony and their potential futures together. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29524429","title":"'The Bachelor' Couple Share Their Proposal Excitement","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-couple-share-proposal-excitement-29524429"}