'The Bachelorette' Finale Fashion: JoJo's Iconic Styles

JoJo Fletcher is live to discuss some of her hottest outfits and how you can get her finale look for less.
4:26 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' Finale Fashion: JoJo's Iconic Styles
I'm with jojo and Jordan. We have a couple of questions then we'll talk fashion so I want to know have you set a wedding date? We're thinking about it. Next year sometime. We're throwing around dates. You've been throwing around the idea of eloping. I keep saying, let's go to Vegas. We're going to plan this one. You will? Any chance we could see it on TV. There's always a chance. Chris Harrison is very convincing. Yes. He is. He loves you guys. He's the best. Then also a lot of people wondering who the next bachelor might be. You were so broken up when Luke had to go. Yeah. Do you think that he would be a good choice? I think -- I mean, if you ask me perpendicularally I think both Luke and chase are great option, maybe they could do a double one like they did with Kaitlyn and brit but Luke for sure. You know what I noticed she's not mentioning is Robby. I mean, I think Robby is a great choice too but I think when ient Luke home America died. I mean so it was an overwhelming amount of support and love for him and I totally get it. I was thinking about you. How was that. At the airplane hangar and seeing her cry and you're like, darn it, I'm in love with her. You'll never understand. Very difficult. Is it complicated? Yes. All right. Wow, with that we'll go to fashion, I guess and I'm not going to get the answer so you think either chase or Luke. I think so. The wedding, we don't know. Maybe on TV. Just a lot of maybes here. We'll have to work on this but fashion, I can tell you for sure. So stunning. Every day I was like she's done it again. Always seems to know what to wear. And again today. Even when you were in a gaucho in that was my favorite one. So chic so let's talk about this outfit. This is an outfit you wore when? I love this one. So I wore this outfit for one of my one-on-one dates in the very beginning of 9 season. It was a little dinner. I love it because I think I wore a ton of sparkle this entire season. This one was a showstopper and I loved it. It was great. The thing that's neat. You worked with a fabulous stylist. Not everybody can afford a stylist like Carey. He is the real deal. You can also rent these dresses. Uh-huh. And that's a really great option. You can actually have jojo's look but not have to spend the money on Carey or the actual dress that you can only wear once. It's hard when they're this stuing. We want to show you another option. By the way that dress retails force 265 and rents for $35, what a bargain then this yellow dress which I'm obsessed with. You didn't wear this on a show. No for an "Us weekly" photo shoot. So fresh and flirty. The color is amazing. I don't think you can go wrong with this one. It retails 365. The designer is Alexis. It rents for $70. So cute. And was this the kind of thing you would buy, that you would keep in your personal wardrobe. You can wear it to a barbecue. I love when she wears -- it's almost like a romper type thing. Fashion, I'm here. I love -- Go, Jordan. We have our new fashion correspondent. Here we go. Thank you very much. That's so fabulous then we'll bring out the finale dress. Created by superstar designers badgely mishka. This gown looked so spectacular. It was so perfect for that moment. It retails for a lot. $1100. You can rent it for $150. Now, this dress was an important one because you knew you could be an engaged woman in it. Tell me about the thought in okay, I thought about what my dress would be like this entire season and you see all of my dresses have been like very tight and formfitting and sequins. I thought on a day where I was getting engaged I wanted to be romantic and sweet and I felt like a princess in it. And not to mention it was like 120 degrees in Thailand. It's very cool. You get a nice breeze. And talk about the dress that you wore last night for the after the final rose. I love that one. Chic -- was that Michael kors. The militia collection. Who is that -- Militia collection. You know, I actually found it online. Me an Carey were finding these dresses and found it, ordered it and got it and we were obsessed with it. Lady, I want to say thank you. You wear it well as did the one and only jojo Fletcher. Will you take the name Rodgers. I'm going to take the fame Rodgers. Breaking news here on "Good morning America." Sounds good. You guys, we're so happy for you and wish you the best. Please come back and visit and let us know all the plans sdmril, thank you. Thanks to rent the runway for providing these gorgeous dresses and we'll get back outside to

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"JoJo Fletcher is live to discuss some of her hottest outfits and how you can get her finale look for less. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41057345","title":"'The Bachelorette' Finale Fashion: JoJo's Iconic Styles","url":"/GMA/video/bachelorette-finale-fashion-jojos-iconic-styles-41057345"}