'Bachelorette' on Fiance: 'I'd Marry Him Tomorrow If I Could'

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried discuss this year's shocking conclusion to ABC's hit series.
6:27 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' on Fiance: 'I'd Marry Him Tomorrow If I Could'
So many folks talking about the emotional finale of "the bachelorette." Chris harrison, the host, called it one of the most dramatic finals ever. Never heard that said about a finale ever before. No. He's seen a lot of them. He was blown away by it. As were -- everybody watching. We're happy to have desiree here, with her new fiance, chris. First, a little stroll down memory lane. Lets. I know in is a break for you. Don't say anything. Don't say anything. Reporter: This jaw-dropping moment. Will des say good-bye, chris. Or hello to a new future? I love you. Love you so much. Reporter: Desiree hartsock handing out her final rose to last man standing, chris. Will you marry me? Reporter: It was the proposal that almost wasn't. Des almost quit the show, after brooks dropped out of the running. Leaving two men left, chris and drew. In a sudden twist of events. I need to talk to you. Reporter: Des sent drew packing before the final rose ceremony. I always made it. Reporter: Des confronting brooks for the first time monday night on "after the final rose." I wanted that to work out so badly, that I think I overlooked things. You know, our time together. Reporter: And answering drew's tough questions. Was there anything I could have done? Was I always a little behind chris and brooks? Did you notice yourself holding back with me? Reporter: Ultimately, reuniting with the man who stole her heart. And here they are. Congratulations to desiree and chris. Well, you guys flew all night long to be with us. We appreciate it. We feel your pain. I want to get right to it. There are a lot of people. I want to know what you would say to them that you say, the emotions, seemingly, to the viewer, was total devastation to accepting a marriage proposal. Yeah. If you could speak to that. It's -- it's a different situation because the feelings are more accelerated. But at the same time, I think it's helped me getting past, you know, the hurt from brooks leaving and being able to see all that was here, you know, in chris. Sometimes I think you do have to go through the hard to get to the good. Do you think if brooks hadn't made the choice to leave, that the outcome might be different? Not necessarily, I really don't. The last two weeks in antigua are the most vital to where it was not just quality and how i felt day-to-day. Could I picture this man in my life, you know, forever. In that moment, I think I could. But those two weeks were so important to big deep and see. I don't know. Going to ask you, chris. You know, desiree heartbroken. How was that for you to see? I actually didn't watch the entire part of it. We initially talked about watching the episode. And how we would handle that part of our relationship going forward. And we kind of just decided that maybe it would be best to watch the segment that we just shared together. Yeah. I did know at the rose ceremony, when she told us. That was hard because all i wanted to do was console her and give her a hug. But out of respect for the situation, and drew at the time, I didn't. Yeah. And what a proposal. Wow. Thanks. All the stops on that. Coming from both of your perspectives about that moment. It's very exciting. It's nerve-racking. Yeah. It's just -- it's amazing. You're almost out of body. The same thing. I was out of body. Did you have -- you want me to tell you the truth? I rehearsed it once. You did? I went over what I wanted to say to her. There were important things i needed her to hear. I'm just really glad she said yes. It was really quite beautiful. Then, we also saw your first meeting. That was the first time you've seen brooks face-to-face. What was it like for you? It was good to see him. But that day, we were able to be so honest, that was the closure I needed. Seeing him, it was nice to see. No animosity? No. Totally fine? Brooks and I are friends. Was there a moment when you considered going, oh, my gosh. He's going to propose to me? This is real. You thought, let me put the brakes on this? Not one ounce. That last week you saw, I just knew. I will marry him tomorrow if i could. When I knew, I just knew. And she knows. I mean, I don't feel that we needed to take time to really -- speaking of the marriage, the actual ceremony, have you given thoughts to who, when, where? We've given it thought. We would love to plan something for may. On tv? We would have to decide when that comes in. With the intimate thing? So, no decisions have been made in that regard? Anything else you want to say that you levitt unsaid to the folks out there, about this? I can't say enough about how -- your smiles say it all. You may be tired. But you are glowing. Thank you. I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you very much. Thank you so much.

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{"id":19880576,"title":"'Bachelorette' on Fiance: 'I'd Marry Him Tomorrow If I Could'","duration":"6:27","description":"Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried discuss this year's shocking conclusion to ABC's hit series.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelorette-season-finale-desiree-hartsock-interview-bachelorette-chris-19880576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}