Backpack Left at Boston Finish Line Part of Bomb Hoax

Two unattended backpacks shut down Boston finish line a year after the Marathon tragedy.
2:24 | 04/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backpack Left at Boston Finish Line Part of Bomb Hoax
Thank you very much. Now, details coming in on the big scare in Boston overnight. At least two backpacks blown up by police. We know one was part of a hoax. ABC's Dan Harris is there at the finish line. Good morning, Dan. Reporter: Hey, robin. Good morning. It all played out right behind me at the finish line. This is a prime example of how tense this city is right now. This is not what this city needs right now, explosions. Even if they were controlled ones this time. At the finish line of the Boston marathon. A dramatic end to a scare that began just as the crowds were clearing out after Tuesday afternoon's moment of silence for the victims of last year's bombings at the finish line. According to police, an officer spotted this man. He's a student, whose last name is Edson, and seen here in cell phone video, wearing an unusual black getup with no shoes in the rain. I think I could hear him yelling, Boston strong, Boston strong. Something just felt really off. Reporter: Boston police say their officer asked Edson what he had in his bag. At that time, he stated that there was a rice cooker in the backpack. Reporter: Given that the alleged marathon bombers used pressure cookers, the police moved quickly. They started pushing people away. At that point, it was best to get out of there. Reporter: The streets were shut down. The bomb squad was called. They used robot to probe Edson's bag, as well as another bag spotted nearby. And then, the controlled de detonation. In the end, there were no explosives in either bag. What was in Edson's rice cooker? Confetti. The other was left behind by a fleeing TV news crew. I want to emphasize the fact we are taking this seriously. The safety of the public is utmost. Reporter: You're going to see a lot of extra security come marathon Monday. Extra police and extra barricades. But police say this will be the safest place on Earth on marathon Monday. Robin, back to you. Thank you so much. It's just maddening. The tweets to the planes an now this crazy stuff.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Two unattended backpacks shut down Boston finish line a year after the Marathon tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23344319","title":"Backpack Left at Boston Finish Line Part of Bomb Hoax","url":"/GMA/video/backpacks-left-boston-finish-line-part-bomb-hoax-23344319"}