Ben Affleck Banned From Hard Rock Blackjack Tables

Hollywood actor gets told by hotel security that he's too good to play at the Las Vegas casino, says source.
2:18 | 05/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Affleck Banned From Hard Rock Blackjack Tables
As you may know, actor Ben Affleck is an avid card player. You apparently will not see him at the blackjack tables at the hard rock in Vegas. The staff telling him he's too good for the game. That translates to bad news for him. Mara has the story. Reporter: After fleck and his wife, Jennifer garner were reportedly in Vegas before a romantic get away. He hit a hot streak. Casino officials decided he needed to cool his hand. It seems that Ben faf lek is amazing at everything he does. Thank you, very very much. Reporter: From directing. I need your held. Reporter: To acting. And competing at the world series of poker. When it comes to his blackjack prowess, one casino is cutting him off. He had a run-in with security at a Vegas casino this week. He was asked to lee, believe it or not, because of his skills. I don't think people are aware of how talented he was on the screen and if the casinos and at blackjack. It's something me knows well. He clearly enjoys doing it. He does it too well. Reporter: The source reporting security in the hard rock said, you're too good. And politely escorted him away there the table. He's shared his passion for all things cards in the past. I like to come in the casinos. To play blackjack and poerng I don't have enough recreational time these days. Reporter: That doesn't mean he's played his last hand there. A spokesperson said, he is not band from our popperty and is welcome back any time. Whichever game Affleck sets his sights on next, it's fair bet he's hold LG good cards. It won't affect his reputation one ayoet that. He'll go on with his life. Reporter: In 2001, he reportedly won $800,000 at a casino in Vegas. Also playing blackjack. Clearly, he's good. I can understand why they don't want him to play. Thank you, Mara. Coming up on "Good morning

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Hollywood actor gets told by hotel security that he's too good to play at the Las Vegas casino, says source.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23581611","title":"Ben Affleck Banned From Hard Rock Blackjack Tables","url":"/GMA/video/ben-affleck-banned-hard-rock-blackjack-tables-23581611"}