5 Best Romance Movies

"GMA" counts down some of the best romantic films for couples to watch together.
1:42 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for 5 Best Romance Movies
The most -- the best romance movies of all time compiled right by aol. Number five, "Pretty woman." Please don't sing. I won't sing. Julia Roberts walking down the treat in such style winning over hearts and starting a career to remember. Laughing. If I forget to tell you all I had a great time this morning. From -- if I forget to tell you, I had a great time tonight. Wow. Don't you -- Classic. Let's see if you can give us a line from this. Number four, "Love actually." One of George's favorites. Hugh grant, Keira knightley. So many more great star, great cast. No line. Number three -- I love that. 'When harry met sally". I can give you a line from this one. I'll have what she's having. Number two, "Bridget Jones's diary." No secret there and third movie in that thing and then -- in that thing. In that series. That's technical speak. Number one, best romance movie of all time. Nicholas sparks' ? ? "The notebook." You don't dig these movies. I haven't seen many of them. I got to be honest. This will help your game, Jesse. You bring a girl to a movie like that. Hopefully she's older than 23. And refer to the equation. Just refer to the equation. Own it. All right. We want to know what you guys think. Go to "Gma's" Facebook page, Twitter, as well. Tell us your top five. Romance movies.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"\"GMA\" counts down some of the best romantic films for couples to watch together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34595124","title":"5 Best Romance Movies","url":"/GMA/video/best-romance-movies-34595124"}