Bill Cosby Addresses Sex Assault Accusations

The comedian talked to New York Post reporter Stacy Brown about the allegations and their media portrayal.
2:52 | 12/15/14

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Transcript for Bill Cosby Addresses Sex Assault Accusations
that she has chicken pox and won't mac a movie premier tonight. And citizensidney Crosby, a hockey soup star with the mumps. Bill Cosby saying his wife is supporting him throughout the scandal. Linzie Davis has more. Reporter: For several weeks, a reporter thought he would have a sitdown with bill Cosby. When the lawyers seemed to change their mind he decided to call business bill Cosby. Just let me say this to you, then I have to hang up. Reporter: This morning, bill Cosby breaking his silence as more than a dozen women accuse him of taking advantage of them. Is there they don't like me talking to media. I only expect our black media to uphold the standards of excellent journ Liz M. Right. And when you do that, you go in with a neutral mind. Reporter: He spoke to freelance journalist Stacy brown who wrote about their conversation for "The New York post." And "The Washington informer" an african-american newspaper. He sounded upbeat. Reporter: Boun says Cosby declined to directly address the allegations. Cosby became sent mental about his wife. How is your wife holding up through all of this? Love and the strength of womanhood. And you could put it, reverse it. The strength of womanhood and love. He spoke with such reverence and appreciation that I have to believe that she is standing by him. Reporter: Fashion icon, Beverly Johnson, the latest woman to come forward accusing Cosby of drugging her, decided not to speak out about it years ago after embracing Camille. She embraced me with this hug that was so endearing. That moment, I decided I wasn't going to push the issue any further, because of her. Reporter: Cosby's attorneys have not responded to ABC news' questions for comments. Overnight, Spelman college, the historically plaque college that the Cosby family donated $20 million to back in the '80s announced it has suspended a scholarship program. Cosby wasn't speaking out at the advice of his attorney. Amazing he got it on tape. But yes, Mr. Cosby keeps going back to saying his lawyers say he can hot speak at this time. Now to an arrest in the mysterious disappearance of a Texas woman, Christina Morris van niched more than three

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{"id":27604957,"title":"Bill Cosby Addresses Sex Assault Accusations","duration":"2:52","description":"The comedian talked to New York Post reporter Stacy Brown about the allegations and their media portrayal.","url":"/GMA/video/bill-cosby-addresses-sex-assault-accusations-27604957","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}